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Hello everyone,

As the months roll by, it seems as if the new normal is unlike anything we have witnessed on Earth before and yet we know it really is a bridge to a brand new time, something our Light Being friends discuss in great detail in the video below.

For all of us we can see so much changing in our own lives and also on a global level - a change we are advised will remain quite intense for the next few years - at least until 2025. Then from 2030 so much will change again until by 2050, our planet will be in a brand new zone and almost unrecognizable to how it is operating now.

With many people dropping their bodies and many more still to leave, for many their contract on Earth is coming to completion while for others new contracts are coming in along with many of our Star Being friends who are taking human form through the normal birth process. Each one is carrying the experiential template of what life is like in the Unified realms and how to exist in harmony with all, just as we do. Peaceful, wise and love filled these new ones have been coming in for some time with awareness of what our world requires and also in answer to many people's heart prayers.

It has been interesting for our family as well, as my husband and son also went through this same choice time recently - to stay and continue on or to go? As I unhooked from so many things to tend to what my family required, I found myself also taking time to be more in deep pure-hearted prayer and silent stillness. In that state I could see again and sense the bigger picture of it all so that I could honor the journey of these two souls and support them both with love, for each of us must journey through our lives in our own unique way as we all know. Who am I to try to hold a soul to Earth if it is their time to go? We know that none can leave until their work is done here so surely this is something to be celebrated rather than to mourn? I have always found when someone I love has left this world that I mourn for me, for the fact I can no longer hold them and see their smiling face or share in the way I like. Yet they are still alive just not in a physical form ...

And so as I took time to also be deeper in silent stillness, I felt my light beings friends begin to pour their wisdom through me via the automatic writing process and so a new book is being born that we call The Freedom Matrix.

They share, “Your Earth and her people are at a point of evolution that we ourselves encountered eons ago. We too had misused our planetary resources and had found ourselves suffering great disease on physical, emotional mental and yes even spiritual levels.
"However through our journey of evolution and with the help of the sages who walked among us, we were able to transcend these states by increasing the vital life force in all. This in turn changed both our individual and planetary radiations to the degree that we were naturally magnetised into the Unified field and there we have remained.
"Many star systems have achieved this while others ended in total devastation annihilating the species within them - human, animal and the planet itself, thus we have watched and learned the intricacies of ascending a world. Individual, global and even universal ascension is an art and a science of which we now freely share for you are our Star Being family, long ago extended-descended from our realms. Our message is that the freedom matrix is within all sentient life for all to activate and enjoy when they are ready.”

Hopefully this book with all their wisdom will be ready by our next mailout to you for I found the information they shared to be fascinating as they are so good at bringing in perspectives that I have never thought of! These new insights will form part of our upcoming new online series as well.

As much as I would love to say, yes, the first course is ready, we are not quite there yet but instead have made available some wonderful downloads of topic related meditations that we are offering at a great discount for each grouping! It is so nice to be able to know that each group of meditations are designed to work on certain levels whether it is the love game, the health game, the prana game and so forth - so please scroll down for these.

Like many we are taking the time to upgrade all our channels so that everything is a little more streamlined and easier to access ...

I don't think my home has ever sparkled so brightly as cupboards have been cleared of all that is no longer required, gardens are humming with all the love and attention they have been given and even my cat is super happy with me being home so much!

So no doubt we are all making lemonade out of the lemons so to speak as the Covid-19 game continues to challenge and stimulate us all - we trust you will enjoy our Tips for a Challenging Time video and notes below!

For those of you not subscribed to our YouTube channel, below are the four latest videos ... smiles ...and scroll down if you are interested in how to maintain a healthy brain plus more as there is so much great research which is so freely available to us all!

Biggest hugs to you all - Jasmuheen and Anjie
In this video Jasmuheen responds to those who are having a challenging time on Earth by sharing pragmatic life tips for moving through this time more smoothly.

These are also listed below ...

Tips for a Challenging Time with Jasmuheen
1.  It is what it is now what are you going to do about it? We can’t control others or current events on Earth but we can control our reaction to events …
2.  Acknowledge support we are always taken care of by a loving, benevolent Universe and we will always receive what we need, we are never given more than we can handle …
3.  Self-care is crucial – recharge yourself, understand prayer power, code to be a nourishing presence as per the coding we use in this video.
4.  Hold the state of loving allowance so that each unique soul can choose what is right for their journey.
5.  Celebrate all the good in life and
6.  even people’s passing as none can leave this world until their contracts are complete and many are now leaving to have rest time plus a lightbody, DNA upgrade for their return.
7.  Breathe … just breathe … slow down, unhook consciously from all realities … including social media and who you believe yourself and others to be …
8.  Let everything go, be still, relax in the All That Is and give your mind a holiday …
9.  Write letters of gratitude, then relax and invite your pure nature to write its higher wisdom through you.
10. Share in uplifting ways with friends and family and with all those you meet but also engage in active listening when and if people need you to do this, then share uplifting energy so that it all completes with a more nourishing energy exchange.

Watch also our Light Being friends message - A Bridge to a Brand New Future below ...
with Jasmuheen

In this 8th book on the fascinating topic of human potential and Source Feeding,
Jasmuheen goes into the automatic writing process to bring through many messages
from the Light Beings from the Unified realms and how they used Source Feeding to ascend their civilizations and planetary systems out of the zone of duality and into the matrix of freedom, an energy web that permeates all life.

Coming soon ....
Some of our recent YouTube videos ...
In this controversial video Jasmuheen shares about the powerful changes on Earth and what is required from us all to move into more harmonious times ... Moment by moment, the choice is ours and not our governing bodies.

Video length - 13.29 minutes ...

Light Being Message A Bridge to a Brand New Future through Jasmuheen. After a brief introduction with Jasmuheen she then channels an insightful message from our Light Beings friends regarding this next phase of our evolution and what is happening on Earth right now and why plus so much more.
I love this real life story that someone shared in a gathering so long ago after another person shared how many businesses would close down with both vegan living and then later with Source Feeding. Her answer to this issue was just delightful as ‘where there is a will there is a way’ as this sweet short story shares.
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As a request by many in the vegan network, Jasmuheen shares here how veganism is the fastest growing food network in the world today and why this is happening and how it is also a valuable transition stage for Source Feeding.

Meditations that focus on certain areas in life ...
Meditations by topic to make life easier and to
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All About Love, All About Healing,
All About Prana, All About Holy Connections ...

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5 fabulous meditations with detailed introductions to each that focus on the different types of love and relationships we have with our self, our partners and our world. Love uplifts and enhances all as we know so we hope you will love these different meditations with Jasmuheen!
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Powerful meditative processes for aligning more with our body's consciousness, releasing old energy, healing and energizing the bio-system and also for connecting with Gaia.
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For more on this series watch the videos below including our introductory video on our first course in this series ...
In this video Jasmuheen shares about true freedom and introduces how this is possible by zone changing. Zone changing is just like changing houses or relocating to a different city or country and the how to do this with joy and ease and Grace is what this series offers through powerful yet pragmatic methodology that is based on the Higher Lighter Science that Jasmuheen has been taught directly by the various lights beings she is overshadowed by or connected to in the Unified realms.
"Living a Life with Effortless Ease & Grace" - Course 1 ...
Welcome to Jasmuheen's powerful new online course on Life alchemy! In this opening video she shares some of what this course contains e.g. Living in a zone of reality of our choice, experiencing deep and permanent peace and exploring the “more than everything you can imagine” zone of awe and wonder! Being truly free from so many human limitations, accessing endless wisdom and more.

Video length – 7.37 minutes
Other People's Insights - All about the brain ...
I love how things just 'pop up' for me to watch when I am online, as it is always so pertinent especially the below as I have been dealing with a few people who are trying to support those with Alzheimer's disease which as we know is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. In most people with the disease those with the late-onset type symptoms first appear in their mid-60s.

Nonetheless due to the Neuroplasticity of the brain, there is a lot we can do to keep our brain functions healthy. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life and it allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment - below are some interesting insights!
  • Brilliant! Love his work on neuroscience - in this video called "Learn How To Control Your Mind" Dr Joe Dispenza delivers his usual insightful research - Click to watch
  • Truly fascinating! Ted Talk on The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans - Daniel Amen - click to watch
  • Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Brain Young with Elizabeth Amini - click to watch
  • Neuroplasticity - click to watch this Ted talk with Dr. Lara Boyd who describes how neuroplasticity gives you the power to shape the brain you want.
Wishing you all the best life you can envisage for yourself!