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February 2014
Bonnie and Dan
Bonnie's Journey

Bonnie's rescue began at a truck stop in Rawlings, Virginia, about 50 miles south of Richmond.


In the August heat, it was hard to miss the emaciated female hound pacing back and forth around the gas station. As a concerned passerby was refueling her car, she noticed the dog and glanced at the ignored and decaying food and water someone had left her. The woman attempted to get nearer to the hound, but she evaded. With her attempts deflated, the woman got back into her car and drove away.

As the night went on, our would-be rescuer, Nancy, couldn't get the image of the lost and weak dog out of her mind.

The Many Benefits of Spay/Neuter 


Martha, a senior citizen living in Alexandria, first adopted Nala, her three-year-old Chihuahua, through her neighbor's sister, who was moving and unable to take the dog with her. Now, a year and a half later, Nala is - quite literally - an altered female thanks to Spay, Inc., a program of SPCA NOVA that provides discounted spay and neuter referrals for cats and dogs in Northern Virginia.

Martha also used the opportunity to update Nala on vaccinations, and Nala left Sunshine Animal Hospital (a longtime Spay, Inc. participant) with a new lease on life and a pedicure to boot. Martha says that Nala came through the surgery and recovery beautifully and she now seems to be getting bigger and plays like a puppy!


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Tip of the Month: Dental Care
Cat dental exam, courtesy of AVMA
Photo courtesy of AVMA


February is Pet Dental Health Month, and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is encouraging families to practice preventative dental care with their pets.


Dental disease is one of the most common - and largely preventable - conditions vets see in pets. Left untreated, it can become life threatening, spreading bacteria to the heart, kidneys, joints and other portions of your pet's body.


Many dental problems can be avoided with regular check ups and at-home care, such as tooth brushing, specially formulated diets, dental treats and chews and plaque-retardant products.


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Praying for a Miracle; Finding a Friend

You don't often know where you'll meet your new best friend. For two special-needs kitties who were born in southeast Washington, D.C., and were transferred to SPCA of Northern Virginia's care from a local shelter, they became best buddies while they recuperated in their foster home.


Pray is a fluffy black and white diva who needed care for a severe upper respiratory infection. She met Miracle, a rascally, orange tabby boy, in her foster home when he arrived to recuperate from surgery to remove an eye with a ruptured cornea that had become infected. The two formed an instant friendship.


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Did You Know?

Spaying and neutering can help reduce certain types of cancers and tumors in dogs and cats.


Source: Spay Inc.

Adoption Spotlight
Hurma and Tonton

HURMA and TONTON are very sweet, affectionate brothers. They love being petted and purr easily. They are also pretty low-key, especially for young males. These boys enjoy running after the laser and sitting on the windowsill watching squirrels play outside. They were rescued along with their sister as tiny kittens from outdoors and need a quiet home together without too much foot traffic, since TonTon can get a little startled by new people and lots of activity.


STANLEY is a male American bulldog who was adopted from a shelter and nursed back to health. He thought he had it made and had found his forever home. But the family's resident dog thought differently, and it wasn't to be. Are there any bigger dog lovers out there willing to give him another chance?
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