A Bright, Bright Future
by Mike "Fitz" Fitzpatrick, Family Ministry Pastor
Ah, ‘tis the season…

No, it’s not Christmas. It’s the season for weird-looking square hats, pomp and circumstance played on repeat, food served next to school pictures in someone’s garage, as well as the season for someone – or several people – to read from “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” That’s right, it’s graduation season.

As I think back on the many graduating classes that I have been connected with, I can remember classes and individuals that have made me excited about the future. They brought so much to the table and did so much with what they had that I just knew that their future – and the future of the Church – was bright.

As I look at this graduating class, I believe that the future of Ginghamsburg Church – and the big “C” Church in general – is looking good. And just one of the reasons why is a friend of mine named Aliyah Bing.
I really haven’t known Aliyah terribly long – I haven’t even been at Ginghamsburg for two years yet – but I have been impressed by what I've seen. Aliyah has been involved in debate, art, music performance, creative writing clubs and martial arts. She was an inductee of the National Honor Society and National Merit Scholars, and the salutatorian of her class. And what’s even cooler than all those is that she started a club at her school identified as the Called Girl Group, where older students would mentor younger ones so they wouldn’t feel so alone in the world. How amazing is that?! Each one mentors one.
As if all that weren’t enough, I’ve seen her step up and serve – and by serving, lead – at Ginghamsburg. I found out that she was interested in art, so I asked her to do some graphics work for our social media, which she did, and did well. Then I found out that she liked photography, so I asked her to take some pictures for the Student Ministry Instagram page. Again, she knocked it out of the park. But the thing that really impressed me more than anything was her invitational spirit. We started a little thing at YG (youth group) called The Impossible Shot. It’s a target at which students can shoot a Nerf bow and arrow, and if they get it through the middle, they win a huge prize pack. Now here’s the catch – you can only take a shot if you come to YG for the first time OR invite someone for their first time. Do you know how many times Aliyah got to take a shot? Me neither! I lost count. It seemed like every week at YG, I could count on Aliyah taking a shot because she had brought someone new. Week after week I would meet yet another of Aliyah’s friends. And here’s the thing – I don’t think she took so many shots because she really, REALLY wanted that giant package of Twizzlers and the DQ gift card. I think it was because she really valued what she was experiencing at YG and didn’t want to keep it to herself. She wanted others to experience it with her.

Isn’t that the kind of church we want? Isn’t that the kind of church we need? We all need to be like Andrew in the Gospels. We don’t often talk about Andrew, but when he experienced Jesus, he went and found his brother, Peter, and said, “Come on! You’ve gotta meet this guy, Jesus!” And we know the impact Peter had. The world was never the same, thanks to the invitation of Andrew.

There are many reasons to be optimistic for the future of the Church as we reflect on this graduating class. There are so many talented, loving, bright individuals that God will use to further God’s Kingdom. And because many of them have a heart like Aliyah and use their gifts for God’s glory, the Church is in good hands.

Mike "Fitz" Fitzpatrick
Family Ministry Pastor
Worship on The Lawn is NEXT WEEK!

This is your friendly reminder that our Father’s Day block-party-style worship extravaganza is happening NEXT Sunday, June 20, at ONE TIME, 10:30am. (Do you hear that Tipp City? Worship will be at 10:30 only next week!) Hear powerful testimonies from dads in the community, then stick around for food trucks and more fellowship. Bring something to sit on! 

By the Numbers...
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This Weekend at Ginghamsburg!
It’s true! The best way to learn what solid faith looks like is to have someone in your life who has been there – who can share their experience and show you how it looks to follow Jesus. Since it’s grad weekend at Ginghamsburg, this might be the very best time to lift up the value of mentorship inside our message series about moving the Church out of the building and into the world. Join us for worship – online or in-person, you are welcome here!

HOME IS THE HUB: Each One Mentor One
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