A Brighter Future for Gideon
Before coming to JRC, Gideon's future looked bleak. The severity of his aggressive and destructive behaviors often left him in psychiatric hospitals, isolated from others, unable to interact or participate in most activities, heavily medicated and overweight. 
Today Gideon is Thriving
Once at JRC, with slow tapering of his antipsychotic medications, consistent programming, and supplemental aversive therapy, Gideon is thriving! 
Gideon's problem behaviors have shown a drastic improvement as can be seen in this chart.
As a result, his communication has improved and he has participated in many activities that have enhanced his quality of life.
Gideon now participates in daily academic, vocational, and recreational activities that many thought impossible. 
Getting a big hug!
Riding JRC's Big Reward Store Bike
Strolling with a friend
Trick or Treating
Getting a shave and looking good
Fun with photo filters!
Attending Special Olympics for the first time
But the Best of All
Gideon has had two successful day visits to his parents' home. Something he had not been able to do in over 7 years.
Taking a walk with Dad
A smile for mom                          Favorite meals
Enjoying family!
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JRC has an open admissions policy throughout the year. If you are interested in learning more, please email Julie Gomes at j.gomes@judgerc.org, or speak with a member of our Admissions Staff at 1-888-575-9375.

Information on admissions and referrals can be obtained Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern.

We also welcome parents and agencies to tour JRC's beautiful and unique school and residential facilities at any time. Contact us to schedule a tour!

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