A Burst Of Energy From Eclipse Season
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September 2016
Dear Friends, we hope you have been enjoying the summer!

August flew by without a newsletter and there have been so many astrological transits we have not been able to write about!  So, we will pick up from here and move forward starting with September's Solar Eclipse energy!

We thank you so much for your patience as we have needed to take some time off in order to set up our new home.  In early August, after 6 years, we relocated from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is a town of 26,000 people nestled into the mountains 50 miles south of Munich.

We are thrilled with our new community and the changes to our day to day life have been literally profound!  Life is simply less complicated here and so much easier to navigate.  Since we work with so many on the topic of relocation, we wanted to share a bit about our experience in this newsletter.

Finally, a bit about Friday's Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse combination with a meditation. 
Thank you again for sharing this journey with us! 

Blessings and peace,

Wolfram and Sappho
The Traveler's Well Astrology  

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All email addresses we have ever had are still valid and continue to flow into one inbox.   

As we transition from summer to autumn this year, two important astrological events come together. First, we had a Solar Eclipse in September. Second, transiting Saturn will make a square to the Nodes of the Moon and the Solar Eclipse.

So, let's break these two events down and take a look at the individual parts and then put them back together for an overall view.

September Solar Eclipse

The September Solar Eclipse has already occurred (September 1, 2016 at 10 degrees of Virgo). However, it is important to remember that Solar Eclipses energize each of our charts for about six months (roughly from early August through February 2017).  So, the active period for this Solar Eclipse is still very much upon us.

An eclipse is like a burst of energy projected into your chart to ask a question:

"What are you going to do with this energy?"  
The Solar Eclipse asks you what you are going to do with the energy. When you embrace the energy, you suddenly speed up and make more progress. Alternatively, if you avoid or ignore a Solar Eclipse, the ignored topic seems to come to life in the form of a crisis.

The progress (which we want) or the crisis (which we don't want) will relate to different aspects of life for each of us, just as our birth charts are all different.  The specifics for you (house and connections to other planets) can only be determined by an analysis of your chart by an astrologer. 

But, in general, the Solar Eclipse will hit each of our charts in a different house and, in the process, will energize a different aspect of life associated with that house.  You can simply locate 10 degrees of Virgo in your birth chart to see which house is impacted.  Then, here is a generalized list of potential life impact by house: 

If you have recently experienced an event (since August 2016) that felt very much like falling off your bike, then you might want to explore the area of life impacted for close about the actions you can begin taking to get back on the yellow brick road!  Being 'lost in the poppy field' of life is a confusing time, but we need to stand up and start walking one step at a time back to the yellow brick road.

If things have been going well and you have felt no change, then maybe your chart is not heavily impacted by the Solar Eclipse.  Though, it is important to pat yourself on the back, as you have passed the test and are taking appropriate action!

If progress toward your goals have sped up, then that is a message that you are very much on track with the actions you are taking and simply you should keep following the yellow brick road of life or use this time to ramp up your actions a bit via a new project.

Enter Uncle Saturn

Speaking of taking action, this is where Saturn makes an important contribution for each and every one of us. Saturn is the planet of authority and wisdom and he wants each one of us to embrace our own authority and wisdom and to recognize that we are the architect of our life.

However, there is another key:

Saturn helps us connect
our wisdom with our authenticity.

Saturn says that without authenticity there can be no wisdom.  He wants us to reflect on our life, recognize our authenticity and then to assert our authority by making choices that honor our true needs. To Saturn, that is wisdom!

Saturn Squares the Nodes of the Moon

From early September through the end of October 2016, transiting Saturn will square the transiting Nodes of the Moon and the Solar Eclipse. In astrology, a square brings tension.

This tension has two general possible outcomes: first, blockage that leads to frustration, or, second, blockage that is resolved and releases the tension.

From the yogic perspective, the tension we feel from Saturn is karmic.  With the square, an aspect of our karmic habits that we have the potential to change might be tested. The tension is acts as a karmic message saying that we have something to pay attention to and perhaps to make appropriate changes. From the perspective of Saturn, resolving the tension is asserting our authority, acting in accordance with our own authenticity and acting with wisdom. 
When we resolve the tension of the square,
we release the karma.

While Saturn would like us to resolve our karmic tension on a daily basis, when Saturn is square to the Nodes of the Moon, he is telling us that now is the time.

Solar Eclipse & Saturn Square the Nodes of the Moon

So, let's put these two elements back together.

The Solar Eclipse will energize your chart for the next six months, bringing up situations that push you to take action. These situations will probably revolve around a central theme or topic. 

Which topics? Those indicated by the house in your chart and any planets the eclipse hits. (In a transit forecast or compass reading, I will indicate the most important themes for you).

Then, for the next 6 weeks Saturn will square the Nodes of the Moon asking you to embrace the authority to make wise choices and become the architect of your life.

Together, transiting Saturn square the Nodes and the Solar Eclipse is a unique opportunity to become the architect of your life, to resolve old karmic patterns and embrace your own authenticity and wisdom.

May you make Saturn your friend and become the architect of your life!

Photos From Our Bavarian Adventures
Our Relocation (just 50 miles)

For those interested in a taste of what it is like to live in Germany, we wanted to share our relocation experiences.  Also, a bit about our own journey!

montain blick
We have a large balcony in our new apartment where you can look southeast, direct south or southwest.  Each angle catches a glimpse of a different set of mountains, though no view is unobstructed.  This is the southwestern view.

Go to the Mountains!

"Go to the mountains!" This was the message that Sappho received one morning about four years ago. So, we hopped the train from Munich and traveled 50 miles to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is nestled right in the middle of the mountains just a mile or two north of the Austrian border.

That day, we explored the Partnach Gorge, which was both enchanting and a bit challenging; walking along a narrow path and through very small tunnels cut into the mountain, and all the while the rushing waters coming down from the mountains along the Partnach River.

Emerging safely from the gorge, we hiked up the mountain to a meadow where we encountered a simple, peaceful life with farmers turning hay with rakes and dairy cows gently shaking their heads and ringing the bells around their necks as they munched on the sweet grasses and flowers of the alpine meadows. We had never experienced anything like it. We were filled with joy and with inspiration for our life.

The Alps is also the place where our Gurudev, Swami Rama of the Himalayas, had experienced a vision that changed his life. In Love Whispers he wrote, "Anyone who knew my life before could appreciate how the dividing line actually came here." The two insights we received that day were also a sort of dividing line for us.

First, we were asked to face and overcome our fears walking through the gorge and hiking up the mountain (this was the start of a longer process for Sappho related to fear and associated with astrological transits, which is now ending).

Second, there is a different way to live that we were meant to experience, explore and then integrate in our life.

We didn't know it then, but the message "Go to the mountains" was not simply about a nice day trip, but initiating us into a new chapter of life.

Time to Move

In early 2016, it crossed our mind that it was time to slow down the pace of our life and to have more time for contemplation and meditation.   It was time to consider moving from Munich to the Alps.  Since 2010, Munich had grown so much that it was now a bit overcrowded.  A city sort of bursting at the seams!

When we couldn't find an apartment in Garmisch-Partenkirchen or in Bad Reichenhall, we considered that perhaps it was just simpler and more peaceful (aka safer) to stay put in Munich. We thought, "Moving is a hassle and it is expensive and has some uncertainty, so let's avoid the hassle and just stay in Munich." That word 'avoid' is key. Avoidance, in myth, is not appreciated by the Gods!

So, just as in a myth, "life" informed us that staying put would not be an option. Seemingly out of the blue, our landlord in Munich told us he was taking the apartment back for his son. Now, we had no choice. Not only did we have to move, but now we had a deadline!

We returned our focus to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, but none of the apartments were quite right. One had bad Feng Shui. Two others were nice but definitely too small for our office. Another was on a really noisy street. Finally, we found an apartment that was the right size, with great Feng Shui and was quiet and had a nice view of the Alps. This would be our new home. It was by no means perfect, but it had the potential to make a nice home.

We often get notes from people relocating to a location with great astrological energies, but where the search and process of moving is not particularly smooth. You are NOT alone!  But, we are so happy we stuck it out and made the move!  
On our spiritual journey, we have found that not all change is easy change. We are tested and often put through the most difficult situations. All the tests, difficulties and obstacles are meant to train and expand our consciousness.

A New Chapter of Life

There are two kinds of moves. One in which we change our address, maybe with a new job, but we basically live the same life we did before. The second type of move is "designed" to change your life.   We found we were making the second type of a move and it had two impacts.

Externally, our new home would support the new chapter of life. The mountains, the connection to the nature and traditions of Bavaria, the slower pace of life would bring a less complicated and more intentional way of living.

Internally, we experienced unresolved karmic challenges, which in the process of moving were pushed front and center into our awareness. The message was, "If this is a new chapter of life, then don't bring your old junk along with you!"

If we wanted a more peaceful life, this would be the time to change old habits, unconscious habits that keep us perpetually busy, like a hamster running in circles on a wheel stuck in his cage. The blessing was that the challenges have led us to a wonderful new home and a new way of living. 

The Astrology

The astrological locational energies do not change for either of us with this shift south of 50 miles.

During the move, Sappho and I were each experiencing transits of both Jupiter and Saturn. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct Moon for me and is sextile the Moon for Sappho. When (Professor) Jupiter makes a transit favorable for moving, it means that the outcome of the move will be favorable. But, it does not mean that it is not work and that there will not be frustrations and setbacks along the way.

Now, enter Professor Saturn! Transiting Saturn was moving through the last re-test of my second Saturn Return, while Sappho was experiencing transiting Saturn square Saturn.   Transiting Saturn was testing aspects of our habits and reminding us that in order to live a more peaceful life, we needed to make the choices, moment to moment, that support that peaceful life.

In readings, I talk about how the three great questions, "what, where and when" work together: 
  • Saturn revealed the "what" and our unresolved karmic habits.
  • Astrology of location identifies Bavaria, whether in Munich or Garmisch-Partenkirchen as "where" our journey will be supported. 
  • Transiting Jupiter and Saturn identify the "when", when will we move and embrace our new chapter of life and what karmic tests were meant to face at this time.
We are happy with our new home, nestled in the Bavarian Alps and with our new way of life. The destination was worth the journey!

The Apartment Chaos

Regarding our physical space via our apartment, it has not been a smooth transition.

We had 30 minutes to view the apartment and the real estate agent told us that everything would be fixed and not to worry. We knew the apartment was not perfect, but the layout was good and it seemed to have potential. He said you can move in September 1.  We agreed.

Then, he went on vacation the very next day. 

For our next contact with his colleague, we were asked to move in on August 1. We thought the plans of the current renter had changed and agreed. This was the first critical miscommunication (and probably an error on our part not to question it).

When we arrived, no repairs had been made and the house had not been thoroughly cleaned. It felt like a disaster and we questioned if we should just hand back the keys (something Sappho continued to feel for 3 weeks).   This is not typical at all for Germany and we are still confused as to why this happened. 

It was all a classic set of miscommunications and Mercury was not even retrograde (nor was it in the shadow)!

We thank you all for your patience as we withdrew and took the time we needed to gather our space and energy around us. As in the movie "Under A Tuscan Sun", we went through each room with love and have made it our own.

We worked with the landlord, who was very accommodating, and just last week the final things have been fixed.

That was surprise number one.

For surprise number two , here is a picture of part of our kitchen.  What seems to be missing?

The new kitchen without a kitchen look! 
If your answer is that the kitchen is missing, you would be correct.  This represents another miscommunication!  

But first, a bit about life in Germany.  In Germany, when you move into a new apartment, it will likely have just wires hanging from the ceiling where you would expect ceiling lights to be.  Additionally, no rooms will have closets and you will wonder where you are going store anything or hang your clothes.  And, the kitchen will be void of anything you would expect to see in a kitchen. 

Germans want their own kitchen.  So, they buy a complete kitchen and move it from apartment to apartment, even though that often means it does not quite fit right in your new apartment.  Having said that, overall, German society has not been particular a mobile one until recent years.  This is one German concept that we just can't wrap our minds around.

The prior renter was not a German either and had purchased for herself an IKEA kitchen.  She agreed to leave it for us because she was not going to take it with her.  It was definitely a kitchen we would not choose, but this way we had time to buy a kitchen.  This was the second aspect that was not communicated between the two real estate agents.  When we arrived, the kitchen had been removed (which is normal).  All has been ordered and our new kitchen will arrive in late October. 
Regarding closets, rooms have no closets.  People buy large cabinets to store things in from clothing to cleaning products.  We knew we needed to buy closets, but the kitchen we expected to be here.

We found an older closet made of oak from a farmer's home. 
The hand-painted scenes on the front are expressive of the four seasons. 
Perfect for both a farmer and astrologer.

Because we do not have a kitchen, we bought a lovely old buffet from a used furniture shop so that we could fill it with our kitchen items and relieve ourselves of some boxes.

Here is the buffet that is literally stuffed full of plates, pots, pans and utensils.  The day it arrived (hoisted over the balcony) was such a relief as we unpacked 12 boxes into it!  Also, see that small cabinet in the hallway?  That is a shoe cabinet.  The two wide drawers hold shoes upright in two stacks.  A must have with no closets in all German homes! 

The ceiling lights have just arrived from Amazon!  More to come next time....

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Full Moon Meditation

This month's Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse with the Sun in Virgo opposing the Moon in Pisces.  So, it brings a burst of energy that is meant to serve the shared themes of Virgo and Pisces. 

A central theme of these two signs is of simplifying life so that we can share more love.  When we slow down and consider what is most important, we have the potential to make each moment in life more joyful, more meaningful, more sacred. 

This Full Moon also has the minor asteroid Urania conjunct the Sun.  Urania is the muse of the celestial world and the unending movement of the Sun, Moon and stars.  Urania seeks to remind us that when  we slow down, we also have the potential to more fully move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars. This is where astrology meets the spiritual journey and can be our guide.

You can listen to the meditation on our website:  Full Moon Meditation Page. 


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