MAP @ the Pfaff March Newletter 2019

Important Dates :

Thurs. March 13 ( Theme: Mystery Day )
Tues. March 21  (Theme: Spring 2 Life )

Tues. March 26 (Theme: Fantastic Beasts )
  • If your child normally attends MAP on the day an early release falls on, we will expect to see them at MAP. You do NOT need to sign up for early release days if you typically attend that day.
  • All children need a lunch.
  • Please remember to email call MAP at (508) 359-2168 if your child does not attend or will be coming to MAP late.

DON'T FORGET to sign up for:

20 19-20 Registration Forms : Available on our website.

    Friday, March 29th- MAP Kid's Night Out On the Town fundraiser. Join us 6-9:30pm as we walk uptown for pizza at The Medfield House of Pizza, visit Park St. Books, play Man Hunt and other fun surprises! Don't miss out! Deadline to sign up is 3/12.
Special Sign-Up Days

Friday 4/4 -   MAP Open 8-6
This is a special sign-up day
The deadline to sign-up is 3/20

 Extra sign up forms will be available in front of the family mailboxes!

Monday April 15- MAP Closed

   APRIL VACATION 4/16- 4/20  
Sign-ups are on our website now and the deadline to sign up is Wednesday, March 20 . We’ll be sending out a detailed itinerary and permission slip once our plans are confirmed.
Club Info:
  3rd Round of Clubs Ending :

Crafting Around the World with Leah on Monday’s : Leah taught the kids how to macrame which is the art of knotting cord and string in decorative patterns. Macrame comes from a 13th-century Arabic weavers' word “migramah” meaning "fringe"; it also helps keep flies off animals in the desert regions of Africa. They are learning while creating.

Out of this World with Katelyn on Tuesday’s: Kids had the opportunity to try out space ice cream and created bubble-powered rockets out of film canisters and effervescent antacid tablets.

D&D Club with Tom on Wednesday’s: Kids have had the opportunity to work as a team in order to siege their components property and defend their own. During D&D club, kids have also been able to reinforce their math skills and strategize together on the best course of action.

Printmaking with Desiree on Thursday’s: The kids have been using a variety of materials to help them create some pretty awesome prints. The kids have really enjoyed the opportunity to create multiple copies and colors of their works.

New Clubs Start on March 11:
Monday is Tai Chi Club w/Eric
Eric will teachy the ancient Chinese tradition involving a graceful series of movements, slow and focused. This club will increase flexibility and improve balance. A great first step to Ninjahood.

Tuesday is Food Science w/Leah
This is the perfect club for kids who like to play with their food! We will be exploring chemistry as we make and experiment with different ingredients and spices.

Wednesday is Paint Night Club
Kids will be paint on canvas and other materials while learning step by step painting techniques. They may also partake in small hors d'oeuvers like a real paint night. No art experience needed.

Thursday is Magic (The Gathering) Club
Maddie as already peaked an interest in many of our kids. This card game captures the kids' imagination with wizards, dragons and the use of magic. It also involves, strategy, math and planning ahead.
Month of February
The month of February at MAP was all about spreading love, kindness, and paying it forward! Leah started us off with her “Share the Love” project week by making blankets for the animal shelter. We had a visit from Medfield’s very own Sophia Gustafson, who was also an American Idol contestant. Sophia shared her personal experiences helping underprivileged families and volunteering in countries like Guatemala and Hati at a young age. She spoke to the kids to raise awareness on ways they can help others with just a little of their time. We will be collaborating to help Sophie raise funds and awareness for orphaned children in the Congo who need assistance to pay for schooling.
 On our half day (Feb. 6th), we continued to share the love by painting heartfelt messages on wood slices with Katelyn, decorating conversation heart cookies with Tom, and creating Valentine’s day cards with Maddie. This month we also had our Make-N-Bake sale for St. Jude Children’s hospital. We’d like to thank everyone who donated whether it was monetary or by bringing in baked goods of their own. The kids did such a great job prepping all the goodies to sell and contributing their time at our booth. Together, we raised $460!!!
 During February vacation, we decided to travel around the world MAP style. On our visit to “South America”, kids made delicious empanadas with Katelyn and soothing rainsticks with Maddie. The kids had the opportunity to get henna, which is often used in India, and made candied sushi with Tom on our visit to “Asia”.
On the Wednesday,our program was invited to the Memorial MAP for a workout with famed fitness guru, Jock Buttski, his cousin, Claude and daughter Baby Buttski. Our muscles ached from laughter.
Our last stop was “Europe”, home of the Alps and Apennines, and what better way to tap into the steepness of mountains than do some rock climbing! Our trip to Rock On was loads of fun and we’re proud of our MAP kids for displaying their best behavior!

Other Exciting Things Happening at MAP : We updated our creation station this month to "Forgotten Realms". The kids can add to the miniature castle by decorating soldiers, creating dragons, mini catapults and whatever their imaginations comes up with.
Funtastic Fridays have been a lot of fun. The kids chose ideas for these mini clubs which lasts for three weeks. During the first three weeks, the kids decided on Nerf Wars. And for the next, we did “Foodie” Fridays, where the kids made apple pies, mini pizzas, and mug cakes! This week kicks of Slime Time in which they will make and experience some variations of slime.

***FRIDAY of February vacation, the teachers spent together during our annual professional day. The MAP staff would like to thank all those families who prepared some really amazing dishes, desserts or donated gift cards. It was a magnificent lunch and we are all truly grateful.

Kurt Jackson
MAP @ the Pfaff Program Director   

Gaye Shannon
Executive Director

Annette Gallegher
Assistant Executive Director

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