City Council Passes CCO-Supported Responsible Banking Resolution

The resolution seeks to increase consumer protections and incentivize financial institutions to offer affordable loans to home buyers 



Last Wednesday, CCO Leaders like Alesia Drake of True Vine Baptist Church, Charles Lyle of Trinity COGIC, and Mary Rabon of St. James UMC pushed a Responsible Banking resolution through City Council, making good on a commitment made at CCO's October Opportunity Now!. Officials from both sides of the state line promised to support the passage of responsible banking ordinances.


Kudos to City Councilwoman Jan Marcason for introducing the resolution, which directs the City Manager to ensure that Kansas City selects bank proposals that are responsive to our community's needs and do not engage in predatory lending. The resolution passed unanimously.


We are glad that KCMO elected officials are keeping their promise and are taking steps toward strengthening the City's proposal selection criteria. We await a more permanent solution and the passage of a similar ordinance from our Wyandotte County counterparts.


Homeowners are not the only one's suffering from the banks' irresponsible behavior. City, county, and state governments are facing massive budget deficits thanks to the banks' well-documented recklessness. 


To ensure that our local and state governments are investing their dollars in banks that invest back into their community, congregations and organizations from across the PICO Network (CCO's national network) are developing ordinances in Los Angeles, New York City, and other locations that will move money out of irresponsible financial institutions and into banks that are willing to keep families in their homes, invest in rebuilding our neighborhoods, and ensure access to good credit. 


Click here and here to learn more about these efforts and visit to see how much Wall Street is costing you, your community, and your state.



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