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On April 27th, a city-wide partnership including City with Dwellings and Bethesda Center for the Homeless relocated 57 persons experiencing homelessness who are high-risk related to Covid-19 into a hotel. This project had two goals: to protect these individuals from infection and to transition them to permanent housing by the end of the program. With the hard work and care of many, these guests will soon transition out of the hotel and into their own long-term housing! 

The contract with the city for this project will conclude in just a few weeks. However, many of the housing units to be leased by our community need work before they can be inspected and approved. While some units need a deep cleaning or painting and simple repair, several units need work requiring a moderate amount of skill. We have made arrangements to bring in our own volunteer crew to do this essential work over the next couple of weeks. 

This is where you come in! 
We are looking for individuals and groups to join our crew. 

If you have moderate home improvement or renovation skills, (ranging from installing carpet to replacing windows): we need your help. 

If you are able to paint or clean: we need your help. 

If you can contribute one day or one week: we need your help.

Recognizing the need for caution and safety related to Covid-19, we will restrict work crews to 2-3 people per unit, providing ample space for social distancing, provide masks, and adhere to other guidelines. These units have been unoccupied in recent months. We recognize that some of our best volunteer workers need to consider Covid-19 in making a decision to help. So while we’ve taken every precaution, we understand this may limit responses. 

Projects begin Monday, July 20th.
The project supplies are provided, but bring your own tools 

If you (or a group!) are interested and able to help, please contact Emily Norris at or 336.971.4897

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Here's another way you can be involved!
Kits will be provided to our neighbors as they transition into long-term housing.
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Thank you for your continued support of the important work of City with Dwellings. Our partners and volunteers have helped create a person-centered, community-based model of support and care for the most vulnerable in our city.

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