The gift that
keeps on giving
A Cabrillo Carol

This past week my family watched a lot of holiday movies including A Christmas Carol. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas or know the story, you can relate to the movie. It reminded me of my Past, Present and Future ties to Cabrillo National Monument, what they mean to me, and why I should support the Foundation.
My Cabrillo Past
One of my favorite memories is captured here with my late stepfather in 2010. Other memories include skipping down the Bayside Trail with girlfriends, watching my family light up seeing the sweeping views for the first time, or all those selfies at the tidepools. Priceless memories. What memories do you have?

My Cabrillo Present
Ten years later and working at the Park, it is still the place I bring my family on the weekends for exploration and much needed fresh air. It is THE only place we can go right now that is safer than our own home. ´╗┐Cabrillo National Monument is my past and present, it makes me present with loved ones, and is a wonderful present that I give to myself and others.

My Cabrillo Future
My daughter just started Kindergarten and I am so excited for the possibilities she can have right here at Cabrillo National Monument. Field trips, EcoLogik summer camps, Conservation & Comics, learning from Science Explorers Club, volunteering, learning science and history, and so much more!

But these opportunities cannot exist without the Foundation and your support.
Even as the Executive Director, my husband and I are proud paying dues members, donors, and frequent shoppers at the Cabrillo Store. We believe the Foundation sets-up our daughter, nieces and nephews, your grandchildren, and their future grandchildren for a world of possibilities through the great work done at Cabrillo National Monument and the National Park Service.

With constant underfunding, your entrance fees and tax dollars just are not enough to help protect and preserve, enhance visitor experiences, and to provide access to all at San Diego's only National Park.

Like everything in life, I cannot do this alone.
I need your help.
Please join me in these last few days of 2020 and make a donation to Cabrillo National Monument Foundation to support your Past, Present, and Future. Give your family the chance to have their own "Cabrillo Carol".

Thank you and best wishes in the New Year. See you at the Park!
Emily M Moore
Executive Director