March 2020

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TURN UP The Heat

On March 5th, an incredible culinary team co-led by Chefs Vanessa Yeung and Doris Fin took over Aphrodite Cooks to TURN UP The Heat and created an inspired five-course tasting menu in celebration of International Women's Day and supporting Building Roots, Sistering, and Red Door Family Shelter.   

With sincere thanks we recognize the brigade of professionals involved:

Chefs:  Cookie Martinez, Miriam Echeverria, Francoise Briet, Rossy Earle, Tonia Wilson, and Doris Fin

Assistants to the Chefs: Vanessa Yeung, Kenzie Osborne, Maria Rozynska

Sommelier: Katherine Mellin, Apparation Wines & Spirits

Servers: Darlene Mitchell, Mary Claire Thompson, Sara Marini, Ilanit Kamentsky

Influencers: Mary Tang, Mary Luz Mejia, Libby Roach, Joanna Sable, Phuong Tran

Photography & Video: Cindy Da Ponte, E-motions Photography & David Cadiz, OMAI Creative

And to our guests who generously SOLD OUT the event to help support our charities - we salute you!

A week later on March 11th, COVID-19 was declared pandemic by World Health Organization.

As the crisis swept across the country, you didn't need to be an economist to see that social distancing was hurting business.

In food, it appeared as if the pain wasn't being shared equally as retail grocery remained open, however restaurants without an ability to shift into take-out were forced to close.  

We appreciate the sacrifice made by so many operators who have closed to protect and care for those who work with us, our customers, and the public.

This is why members of Canadian Women In Food met up yesterday for a video conference to brainstorm on practical and safe solutions for food entrepreneurs.  

We recognize the blockchain supporting Canada's food supply is currently overwhelmed by the crisis in an effort to address the necessities.  However a narrow focus on the basics means many food entrepreneurs will be left behind, and become disconnected from their customers.  

Thankfully our members are ready to build the future they want and deserve.

In the coming days we will initiate a working group to accelerate the development of an online hub to strengthen our connection to the communities we serve.  We will also be inclusive by inviting a broader cross-section of entrepreneurs and partners to join us.

Please contact us at 
if you would like to be part of the working group.

We're developing a feature so you can access videos, event photos, stock images, and posts created for events, all free for Members.  UPDATE:
This feature is still coming, although recent events have caused for a shift in priorities, we do plan to follow through on this important member benefit.



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