February 2015

Opening Doors News

Unveiling Sacramento's Best-Kept Secret

The Community Council allows volunteers to learn about Opening Doors and encourages community connections. Joining the Community Council is a great opportunity to get more involved with Opening Doors and help your community.  Learn more about how you can get involved.

Sacramento Assemble!
Meet the employees asking you to join the anti-trafficking movement

January is dedicated to human trafficking awareness. During this time, the issue of trafficking captivates the world's attention, but like other organizations involved in the movement, Opening Doors addresses this issue year-round through outreach.  Read on to find out how you can join the movement. 


Building Personal Assets:
A Highway to Prosperity


More than three out of five Hispanic households live in a state of persistent financial insecurity, according to a study released earlier this month by Family Assets Count. This means that these families lack the savings

 necessary to weather a financial storm. Financial instability is not only detrimental for families and individuals. MoneyWork$ helps people build their assets and become financially secure.


Thank you!

Mark Your Calendars:
Big Day of Giving, May 5
$25,000 to support the Prosperity Project

Kelly Foundation
$5,000 to support Spanish-language Financial Empowerment Programs

First Northern 
$1,500 to support the Prosperity Project

At Opening Doors, we enjoy sharing the changes brought about by the generosity and hard work of our supporters, clients, and staff. Victories like the ones reported this month have a positive impact in our community and in our clients' lives. Thank you for sharing in our joy!