A Call to Prayer for Bishop Love
from the Standing Committee

Bishop William Love faces a Title IV Hearing Panel of the Episcopal Church this Friday, June 12th, beginning at 9am. He has been accused of “failing to abide by the promises he made at his Ordination as a bishop in violation of the standard of conduct established in Canon IV.4.1(c).” In particular, Bishop Love is accused of failing to abide by the Discipline and Worship of the Episcopal Church, as a result of his unwillingness to obey Resolution B012 passed by the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. We, the members of the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, continue to fully support Bishop Love as he faces this upcoming trial. It is our belief, that rather than violating his ordination vows, he upheld them by taking the actions he did.

The Standing Committee prays for and calls for Bishop Love’s full exoneration and the restoration of his full ecclesiastical authority. We further call on the clergy and people of the diocese to join us in prayer and fasting (if you are able) for Bishop Love starting immediately and continuing through June 12th, and beyond.

We are also aware that several churches have already scheduled prayer vigils and services to support our bishop. We would invite you to let us know of these services and any pertinent information about partaking of the service by notifying the Diocesan Communication Officer, Deacon Meaghan Keegan, at [email protected] . Meaghan will post all available prayer vigils and services on the diocesan website and send them out through the Diocesan Update.

We believe that God is in control and we have faith in his providence over this situation. We thank God for his guidance and love throughout this process and trust in his ongoing love and faithfulness.

We also thank the clergy and people of this diocese for your continued prayers and support for Bishop Love and for the Diocese of Albany. Together, we remain committed to the work and ministry of the gospel as given to us by Jesus Christ, himself.

May God Bless each of you,

The Rev. Scott Garno, president
Barbara Beaulac, secretary
The Rev. Katherine Alonge-Coons
Christopher Cassidy
Randall Demler
John Hyde
The Rev. Bradley Jones
Teresa Mumby
The Very Rev. David Ousley
Janet Papa
The Rev. Elizabeth Papazoglakis
The Rev. Derik Roy