13th Annual Calvert Arts Festival Postponed
All Saints Parish Family,
As most of you know, after receiving some expressed concern from key members of our team, we put out a short poll asking whether those who normally volunteer for the Calvert Arts Festival would be willing to support our event in October given that a vaccine for COVID-19 would not be available until 2021. The resulting opinion was that the majority (more than 2:1) would not be able to give their support to an in person event, but almost all of those who responded said that they would support a virtual event (like a silent auction) online. Thus we are officially (but sadly) cancelling the Calvert Arts Festival for 2020, and praying for its triumphant return in 2021. Never fear! Our awesome All Saints family remains dedicated to raising funds for the charities that normally benefit from the CAF, and will be back soon with our plans for our online auction event. We are asking for anyone who has had experience with these kind of events to please lend their expertise and we put our plan together, and prayers from all are welcome.
Your CAF Chair Leads,
Lisa and Patrick Herlihy

Virtual Les Saints du Vin
Message from John Overstrom
Sorry that we are not able to get together in person but I have faith that someday we will be able to see everyone in person again.

We will be having our fourth Zoom wine tasting this Sunday July 12th at 4:00. Below is the information to log in, please RSVP if you plan to participate:

Join Zoom Meeting by clicking here:
Use the Zoom App with this information:
Meeting ID: 818 8292 0709
Password: 011574
Call from any telephone: 
        +1 301 715 8592 US
       Meeting ID: 818 8292 0709
       Password: 011574

I plan to use the same format with everyone doing their own local wine tasting presentation. Here is a refresh of what we have been doing::  

We will have the Zoom open for people to talk together as everyone joins in. Then we'll go around to each attendee for a quick hello and welcome before we start the wine tasting presentations.  Each household uses a wine / wines of their choice, and provides their own hors d'oeurves. Each household gets about 5 minutes to present their wine, discuss its attributes and explain / describe their food selection. The presentation is intended to be fun, it can be entertaining, interesting, informative, funny, ....it may be all about the wine, or may have little to do with the wine, so be creative. The format is entirely up to the presenter similar to our usual wine tasting.

The charity we are recommending again for this month is Heart Felt. This program provides backpacks with food to elementary school children once a week.  The backpacks are typically provided over the weekend to supplement the child's and their family's needs.  The program continued through this school year even though the schools have not been open, and the decision was also made to continue to provide this much needed supplement throughout the summer and into the foreseeable future. Of course this extension of the program into the summer was not included in the original planning.

We can donate to the church's community outreach online, and direct that donation to Heart Felt.

The church's website is:
Here's a link directly to the donation page:
To donate by credit card click on the "CLICK HERE TO GIVE ONLINE" button
 Once there click on "choose a fund" and select "Giving Back to Our Community" then select "Heart Felt" as a sub category.
You can put in a note that says you are part of the wine tasting group.

There is also a PayPal donation button; this option also allows you to add a notation to associate the donation with wine tasting and direct it towards Heart Felt.
No All Saints' Cooks This Saturday, 7/11/2020
There will be no All Saints' Cooks this weekend. Want to know why? Nobody volunteered to lead a program for this week. We have many wonderful cooks with lots of delicious recipes in our Parish. If you like to cook and have a yummy recipe to share, please contact Patti At Lee at 202-669-5594.

In case you missed to last episode of All Saints' Cooks with Maria Feaster's Spaghetti Carbonara, you can access it with this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ycfv6un8x84e9iq/All%20Saints%20Cooks%20%20S1E6%20-%20Maria%20Feaster%27s%20Spaghetti%20Carbonara.mp4?dl=0