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The CanDo Connection                                                          November 26, 2019
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Napa Valley Give!Guide makes philanthropy 
easy and fun.

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" No act of kindness  no matter how small 
 is ever wasted. "    

-- Aesop 
c. 620-560 BC


This buttery yellow color  indicates volunteer  opportunities.  
Have an hour or two? 
CanDo helps make it easy 
to make a difference. 
Family Friendly Event

See this image? 
It's a  family friendly  event.

The Best Cranberry Sauce You'll Ever Eat

Honey Crisp apples, Bartlett pears, Satsumas, roasted pecans, dried fruit and - oh yes - cranberries.

With turkey or veggies or on top of really good vanilla ice cream.

Let us know 
what you think. 


"Wrapping paper is one of the most confusing 
holiday items to dispose of because it's made out of 
so many things! If it is 
shiny or metallic, it has 
to be landfilled. 

Instead, consider using a reusable cloth wrapper or just using an old box without wrapping paper or wrap it in newspaper."

Editor:  Thanks for the tips, Kendra. We'll add placing gifts in reusable mesh bags.


There's an "app" for that. It's CanDo's
Farm to Food Bank Project.

Farm to food bank
In just an hour or two, CanDo volunteers pick up donations from Napa Farmers Market vendors. and take them to the 
So. Napa  Shelter and the 
Napa Food Bank.

  Any Saturday year-round.
 You choose!

South Napa Century Center 
195 Gasser Drive

to learn more or to  sign up.
Family Friendly Event
Teens and older, supervised children are  welcome. 
PICK-UP:   SAT., DEC. 14

Here's a sneak peak at the Food Bank's most needed foods for December.
  • 100% juice (in plastic containers)
  • Canned fruit in water
  • Canned protein
  • "Meals in a can" (chili and stew) 

It's our December pick-up! Lend a hand (or two) as we bring in and do a quick sort of food donated every two months by hundreds of generous CanDoers.

This volunteer opportunity suitable for middle school and older. Eight slots are reserved for students.
DAY/DATE/TIME:  Sat., Dec. 14 9:30-noon
LOCATION :  Napa Food Bank - 1766 Industrial Way - Napa



CanDo's Garden for the Food Bank  grows  fresh, local produce for the CAN-V Food Bank. We also collect produce from generous Farmers' Market vendors for the Food Bank and Homeless Shelter.  Email  Karen.

Waterway Keepers began as a CanDo project. Now it's orchestrated by our friends at the Napa Co. Resource Conservation District. Volunteers help maintain our river and streams to keep them vibrant and alive.  Email Ashley.

Raises funds and awareness for local nonprofits in a year-end giving campaign. Email hilary or Nancy.

CanDo has a brilliant way to help share food with neighbors in need. Email Marilyn. 


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The CanDo Connection 
is filled  with volunteer  opportunities 
and  events to  help you  connect  with  community. 

The Choices We Make

Napa Valley CanDo seeks to inspire and facilitate action  by alerting interested Valley residents about opportunities for service. If you participate as a volunteer in an activity that you learned about through Napa Valley CanDo, whether initiated by CanDo or another organization, please take personal responsibility for your involvement. Use common sense. Only you can determine whether an activity is a good fit, that is to say  compatible with your interests and abilities. 


A CanDo Give!Guide Incentive this Week!

Through December 1, every donor giving to CanDo through the  Give!Guide is eligible for a random drawing. 

One lucky donor will receive a Wild Birds Unlimited Cylinder Feeder, Naturally Nuts No-Melt Suet,  Birds of Napa County by Hermann Heinzel, and an original linoleum block print on rice paper by Napa artist, Carol Dick. 
Value: $115 

 Donate right  here 
and please share with your birding friends.


CanDo's  Give!Guide provides a wonderful way for local nonprofits to come together and share their message with each other and with the community. 

Collaborating with seven other nonprofit participants in this year's  Give!Guide , Shelly Hanan, Community Engagement Director for ParentsCAN, solicited art created by children for a show at the Napa County Library during the month of December. The  theme? "Create Kindness." We asked children to show us what kindness looks and feels like to them.

The artists are served by these organizations:  NEWS, Loving Animals Providing Smiles, Community Resources for Children, Napa Valley Community Housing, Teens Connect, Napa Farmers Market and ParentsCAN. 

On Wednesday, December 4th at 5:30, some of the young artists and their families will gather in children's room to celebrate being part of a kind and generous community. You're invited to stop by. 
DAY/DATE/TIME:  Wednesday, Dec. 4, 5:30PM
LOCATION:  Napa Co. Library Children's Room - 580 Coombs St. - Napa  
FFI:   Shelly 707.220.3050 or hilary 707.252.7743

To learn more about ParentsCAN and 45 other local nonprofits making a difference in Napa County, visit:

A project that deserves your support

PROJECT : Heritage House and Valle Verde Apartments
LOCATION: North end of Valle Verde Dr. (old Sunrise Assisted Living building)
DEVELOPERS : Gasser Foundation, Burbank Housing, and Abode Services
Heritage House remodels an old, unused building into 66 apartments (58 studios & 8 1 bedroom) for much needed supportive housing for people in the City of Napa. Thirty-three of the homes will be supportive housing for previously homeless people. The remaining units will be for people with very-low incomes. Support staff will be available 24/7. Only residents who are capable of living independently will be offered residency.

Valle Verde Apartments will include 24 homes (Twelve 
1 bedroom, six 2 bedroom and six 3 bedroom apartments). There will be a community room with resident services on-site. Families earning up to 60% of area median income will be eligible.

We know how critical  the need is for affordable housing in Napa. You can show your support by attending what is likely to be a dynamic public hearing. Can't make it? S end a message to the Planning Commissioners or City Council. See contact information here.

DAY/DATE/TIME:  Thursday, December 5, 6  PM 
LOCATION:   City Council Chamber, 955 School St. - Napa   
FFI:  C all or text Grania at 707.480.0174.

Read more  here .

Tee'd Off

Q.  For years I've tossed my beloved Barry's Gold Blend tea bags into compost after use. Now 
I learn that they, and most tea bags, use microplastics and polypropylene to seal bags. 

What to do?

A.   Ugh, yes, unfortunately plastic rears its ubiquitous, ugly head once again. Many tea bags are completely compostable and plastic-free, however some tea bags have plastic netting and/or plastic sealants.

What to do? Well, you can reduce waste and keep plastic out of the environment (and your body) by buying and brewing loose tea. Or, if you do want to use tea bags, just search out the ones that are free of plastic, made just from paper or other compostable materials.

If you do end up with a plastic tea bag - empty the tea into the compost, toss the plastic bag into the landfill cart, and fire off a message to the company that produced the plastic tea bag to demand that they get the plastic out of your favorite tea!

Editor's note:  We wrote to Barry's. They responded immediately:  

"Our teabags are predominantly made of paper and natural wood fibres. They currently contain a small amount of polypropylene to allow the teabags to be heat sealed. Our filter paper supplier carries out regular testing to assure that they are safe for consumers. The filter paper is subject to rigorous safety testing and complies with various safety directives.

Like many other tea producers, we are currently testing alternative options for heat sealing our teabags with plant-based alternatives to reduce the use of plastic in the environment. 

Our trials are well under way and are at an advanced stage, Once we have a solution confirmed we will share this information with our consumers."
 Email us questions about Curbside Composting 
or recycling to "Compost Corner." 

Responses graciously provided by 
Tim Dewey-Mattia, Napa Recycling 
& Waste Services.

Spotlight - Stars
Events and Volunteer Opportunities
from Other Groups Around the Valley
 Tell 'em you heard about it through CanDo!

Note: Posting events in this "Spotlight" does not constitute an endorsement by Napa Valley CanDo unless expressly stated.  We list a variety of opportunities and  programs we feel may be of interest to our readers. Explore! Enjoy! Get involved!
Bicycling Rodeo (delivered to rotating classes of students over several hours) is usually 5-6 hour, 1 day per week, event. It briefs students in the classroom on proper bicycle safety, then gives them the opportunity to apply their knowledge on a set-up bicycle course on their school property. This course is laid out by SRTS with cones and includes real world obstacles such as crosswalks, railroad crossings, stop signs, and so on.   
Volunteers needed for fitting helmets, set-up, operating signs, directing students, moving/maintaining bicycles, cleanup. Time commitment: 5-6 hours max / 1 day.  
Be prepare for cool mornings, hot sun in afternoon, lots of standing, excited kids.
DATE:  Tues., Dec. 3.  
FFI:  Email, call 423.829.0359, or visit their website.
SPONSOR : Coventry Presbyterian Church 

Based on the beloved film, this heartwarming live adaptation, staged by Lucky Penny, features music by Meredith Wilson, creator of the 
Music Man. It's the story of a little girl who believes in the magic of Christmas, a man who believes he's the real Kris Kringle, and a mother who needs to believe in love again.
  Wednesday, Dec. 4, 6:30PM silent auction/7PM curtain
Lucky Penny Community Arts Center 1758 Industrial Way, Suite 208 - Napa
:  $40 adults, half price 12-years-old and younger
FFI:  707.255.9426 (9-noon) or visit their website.
SPONSOR: Horizon Foundation   
This year, Horizons Foundation will once again join forces with Jewish Family and Children's Services of the East Bay (JFCSEB) to provide holiday gifts for LGBTQ refugees who have recently relocated to the Bay Area. Despite the decidedly unwelcoming restrictions of current federal immigration policies, this year no fewer than 40 LGBTQ individuals have come through the official resettlement program at JFCSEB - the only one of its kind in the country - and we want to give them a warm Bay Area welcome from their new neighbors and LGBTQ community.
DATE: Donations accepted through December 14.  
FFI:  Email, call 707.501.8768, or visit their website.

FFI:  Email, call 707.253.6810, or visit their website.
FFI:  Email, call 707.337.8908, or visit their website.


Are you a nonprofit in need of volunteers?  Or do you have a fundraiser, educational opportunity,  or fun event you'd like to  share in the SPOTLIGHT? 

Space permitting, your post may run for up to three weeks leading to the date of your event. Photos you'd  like us to consider MUST be sent as a jpg. 

FFI:  Learn more and submit event  here .
SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  S unday, 6PM for the following Tuesday's blast.