May 2- 9 Iyyar

Weeks ago we began gathering together at the end of Shabbat to do havdallah, the short service that separates Shabbat and the rest of the week, together as a community.

It has been wonderful to see so many people participating whether havdallah was a regular ritual in your home before this or if you have made it part of your new family Shabbat ritual. Seeing so many families (or Zoom tiles) filled with smiling faces, candles, spices and wine has been a true blessing to start each week in the best way possible.

We also know that there are many who either don't have a havdallah set, or for those that do, their candles are getting smaller and smaller by the week. In order to help you continue taking part in havdallah, on Zoom or off it, we are excited to offer you a havdallah candle. All you need to do is come pick it up on Tuesday, May 5th between 3-4pm (yes, its the same time as the Moti's pick up) at Olam Tikvah. Its a 'drive'by' pick up, so no need to get out of your car, we will deliver the candle in order to maintain appropriate distancing.

If you have any questions please email Rabbi Ravski at

We can't wait to see you on Tuesday and most of all we can't wait to see so many faces lit by the glow of the havdallah candle next Saturday evening!

Sending blessings for a Good Week, a Shavuah Tov!
Debra Beland-Ackerman teaches all about the Besamim, the spices, that are used during havdallah. Best of all she gives some great ideas for a crafts project this week to make your own Besamim!