Close Your Eyes to the Truth
An old story tells of a desert nomad who woke up hungry int the middle of the night. He lit a candle and began eating dates in a bowl beside his bed.
  He took a bite of the first date and saw a worm in it, so he threw it out of the tent. He picked up a second date and took a bite and found another worm. He threw that date out of the tent as well.Then he picked a third date and took a bite and found yet another worm. He threw that date out of the tent also.
  He was very hungry, and reasoning that he wouldn't have any dates left to eat if this continued, he blew out the candle and very quickly ate the rest of his dates.
   My point isn't to ruin your lunch but to say that not looking at a problem won't make it go a way. Continuing to be entrenched in something that isn't working only means you never get out of the trench.

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The story above was paraphrased from "1001 More Humorous Illustrations For Public Speaking" by Michael Hodgin, Zondervan Publishing House.

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