Want to be able to talk with your patients about their cannabis use for managing their health and well-being?

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Dr. Brad Stockert
Dr. Lori Zucker
Dr. Whitney Ogle
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Part 1 March 23, 2022
Part 2 March 30, 2022:

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Part 1
Includes a discussion of the differences between cannabis & hemp, Sativa & Indica, THC & CBD. Qualifying conditions needed to obtain a medical marijuana card, common conditions that people self-treat with THC and/or CBD, and the intersection of those conditions with those seen by physical therapists will also be discussed.

Part 2
Includes a review of cannabis delivery methods (i.e. vaping, edibles, etc.) and recommendations on how to 1) ask patients/clients about their use of cannabis, 2) educate people about cannabis products and their use, 3) have patients monitor their response to products containing THC and/or CBD There will also be a discussion of cannabis use disorder and how to screen clients for this condition.

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