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February 2019
Helping Attorneys Help Their Clients

More than 50 years ago my dad, Fred Lane, created a trial technique course to help attorneys improve their trial skills and get better results for their clients. It covers all phases of trial work from both a plaintiff/prosecutor and defendant’s perspective, for civil and criminal cases. The “learn-by-doing” course meets weekly for two semesters. 

When I was in law school, my dad asked me to be the videographer of the course. For three years I recorded almost every class. After I passed the bar, I took the course. 

Today, the course -- Fred Lane's ISBA Trial Technique Institute -- belongs to the Illinois State Bar Association. After several decades my dad donated it to benefit as many attorneys as possible, but continued as the instructor. There is no other program like it in Chicago; no other opportunity for attorneys to immerse themselves in trial technique over an extended period of time. Some attorneys have found the course so valuable they’ve taken it several times.  

When my dad stepped down as the instructor a few years ago to pursue other interests, I was honored to take over. I enjoy trial work and I like everything about the program – from the preparation and teaching to helping students outside of class get ready for an upcoming trial. I also like continuing what my dad started, and sharing the training that I received. Donating my time to this program is truly a labor of love. 

The spring session begins February 26. You can learn more about the course here . The Association accepts registrations until the first day of class, so feel free to spread the word. 

Helping people is why all of us at Lane & Lane come to work every day. (Except for January 30 and 31 when it was -22 degrees and unsafe to travel!) If we can ever help you, your family, friends or colleagues, please call me or send me an email

In the meantime, stay warm and safe.

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This month we are sharing the case of a child whose caregivers failed to safeguard him, and how Lane & Lane Partner Steve Lane helped.

“JB” was born with cerebral palsy. He suffered extensive and irreparable brain damage from an infection in the womb that left him completely dependent on others after birth.  He was unable to care for himself and could not perform any activities of daily living on his own. Although he was non-verbal and profoundly disabled, he used smiles, vocal sounds, and eye gazes for limited communication from an early age. As he developed, he was described as “usually very happy and quiet,” and he responded positively to stories, music, art, tactile stimulation, and interaction with adults. Unfortunately, his life would end too soon as a result of the horrific neglect he suffered at the hands of his mother and the home nursing service tasked with caring for this vulnerable individual.

5 Things You'll Never Hear Chicagoans Say

"It's not the Sears Tower anymore"

"Deep Dish Pizza isn't really pizza"

"I'll take a Chicago Dog with extra ketchup!"

"You grab this parking spot, I'll take the next one"

"St. Patrick's Day isn't that big of a deal"

Source: Movoto
How to Prevent Accidents

The brutal cold is behind us, but winter isn't over yet! And according to the Federal Highway Administration, 24 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes occur on snowy, slushy, or icy pavement, and 15 percent happen during snowfall or sleet.

To help prevent an accident, follow these tips:

  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Avoid using cruise control when driving on any slippery surface
  • Take your time accelerating, stopping, and turning
Shoveling Snow

Remember last February’s record snowfall ? Hopefully we won't match or surpass it this year! But, if you are responsible for shoveling, here's how to stay healthy. 

  • Before you head outside, stretch your muscles
  • Dress in plenty of layers and make sure you are properly hydrated
  • Use an ergonomically-designed shovel
  • Take frequent breaks

If possible, pre-treat your driveway and/or sidewalk with an anti-icing product to make snow/ice removal easier.

Last month we announced a contest and invited readers to guess the identity of the Lane & Lane employee who met The Three Stooges when she was a child. The correct guess was Sally Saber Lane, a non-practicing attorney who joined the firm in 2001 as our office manager. Below is additional information about Sally, including the backstory to her encounter with The Three Stooges!
What are your favorite Chicago activities?

“I love live theater, the Bears and the Cubs. For 30 years I was a closet Cubs fan because my husband is a diehard Sox fan – even though he grew up on the north side. He finally jumped on the bandwagon when the Cubs got the big W a few years ago.” 
Left to right in the first photo: Sally, Curly, Larry and Sally's sister. In the second photo the girls are with Moe.
How did you meet The Stooges?

“My father was a professional musician and one day, he brought my sister and me to a show he was performing in with The Three Stooges. We sat right behind the orchestra pit. I was seated on the aisle, and when the Three Stooges walked down the aisle on their way to the stage, Curly rubbed my head and said ‘Hi Curly!’” 
We heard that you have a special dog. What’s unique about her?

“We refer to Nala as a Rescue's-Rescue dog. She had four puppies to care for. Two were hers, the other two were from a litter whose mom had died. Nala took care of all of them before we were allowed to bring her home. She’s part Shih Tzu, part Pekinese and part Siberian Husky. She talks a lot – that’s the Husky in her.”
What charity means the most to you?

“There are two. One is Feed My Starving Children . They pack meals for malnourished children in impoverished countries. Years ago our neighbor’s son got involved with them for his Mitzvah project, rounding up his friends to help, and my daughter and I got involved, too. You can see the difference they are making.

“The other charity is The Maddie Kramer Foundation which has a charitable campaign called Dancing for Cancering. Maddie passed away a year ago last month at the age of three. The foundation was formed recently by her parents, Pammy and Scott Kramer, to honor Maddie’s memory, to keep her spirit alive and to help those suffering from pediatric cancer. (Scott’s mother and I are close childhood friends.)

“Maddie was a very spirited little girl who loved to dance. The Dancing While Cancering campaign donates backpacks, called Smile Packs, to children suffering from cancer. The backpacks are filled with the same instruments Maddie used to dance away her disease: a wireless speaker, bright room decorations and fun-filled musical instruments. There is more to their story and the foundation’s projects, which you can read about here ."
The Lane & Lane team: Deedra McKinney (1), Jessica Gomez (2), Crystal Richard-Bey (3),
Kellie Snyder (4), Mark Brown (5), Olivia Sarmas-Ford (6), Kevin Griffin (7), Artis Hodges (8),
Sally Saber Lane (9), Areli Garcia (10), Steve Lane (11), Scott Lane (12).
Not present: Kevin Edgeworth, Lilly Mashayek, and Jane Morrison.
The Producers , a Tony-winning musical comedy about two con artists who produce a show (based on Mel Brooks' classic film), plays through March 17 at Paramount Theatre in Aurora .

At American Blues Theater through March 16 is the Chicago Premiere of On Clover Road . This 90-minute production has been described as an edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Environmentalists, take note: One Earth Film Festival , March 1-10, shows films about climate change, sustainability, and environmental activism.

See 10,000 blooms at the Orchid Show , March 1-24, at Chicago Botanic Gardens. During the show, Orchids After Hours takes place Thursday evenings from 4-8 pm.
A Mardi Gras show, Global Connections: International Carnivale Celebration , will be held at Navy Pier March 2. Bands with dancers from Brazil, the Caribbean, Italy and New Orleans will perform.

Jazz Thaw offers 12 different jazz performances in Oak Park restaurants on March 2. Ordering food is optional.

Chocolate, Wine & Spirits features 500 vendors with products to sample and purchase, wine and spirits to taste, and chef demonstrations. March 9-10, at Stephen M. Bailey Auditorium in Chicago.

The Kids Expo features family-oriented vendors along with children's activities (some ticketed) at Schaumburg Convention Center March 16-17.
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