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Joseph Dugan Armor Masonry DM Sabia Giles J Cannon

Giving Back to Those Who Served.
Altgeld Gardens

1944: Altgeld Gardens was originally built in 1944 by the Chicago Department of Housing and Urban Development for black veterans returning home from World War ll. It was nicknamed the ‘toxic donut’ due to having the largest concentration of hazardous waste sites in the USA.

2021: This outstanding re-design demonstrates the power of architecture and brick to provide an uplifting vision while staying rooted to the character of the neighborhood. This 360-degree building includes a 10,000-square-foot branch of the Chicago Public Library, a 20,600-square-foot childcare center with pre-K education, and a 6,700-square-foot community center—all under one roof.

Click here to see more photos of this distinctive community center.
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