February 2023
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Carlsbad Caverns was designated a National Park in 1930 and proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995. The Park has a surface area of 73 square miles and there are 83 individual caves beneath the Park area.
The first credited cave exploration happened in the cave in 1898 when sixteen-year-old cowboy, Jim White, was rounding up cattle. When he spotted what he thought was smoke off in the distance, he approached the area only to discover that the large plume of smoke was actually thousands of bats emerging from a cave.
After wandering down into the cave, I became inspired to try to create a work of art to capture this experience. Walking through the cave on a well-maintained path is not like what Jim White, nor any of the early explorers endured, but it is still amazing. Creating this artwork will present me with many challenges that I have not yet experienced, in order to make it work the way I envision it…but it is the challenge that keeps me interested in creating new works of art.
Following is the piece of wood with my Carlsbad Caverns design concept penciled on as guidelines. This artwork is going to take some time to create and updates will be seen in future e-newsletters.
The Next Challenge
After reminiscing about my career path, I realize that it has always been about taking on the unknown and trying to figure it out. From designing, building and driving race cars around the country to starting and building a leading sign company, to converting it into a successful exhibit company, creating exhibits for tradeshows, visitor centers, and halls of fame, and now being a full-time artist, it has always been about the challenge.

In fact, the challenge of the marketing strategy to build the exhibit company was to present educational seminars to trade show managers. Often, I would be the presenter of the seminars, and almost always, a few months in advance of a seminar, I would select a topic that I knew little about. Therefore, I had to learn about that topic in order to present it accurately…it was an exciting challenge…and it did work! In fact, in worked so well that National Business Media
hired me to present seminars at their multi-city conventions and write articles about trade show marketing for a couple of their trade magazines.

I encourage you to challenge yourself, take a few risks, and although sometimes things may not work out too well, you will have learned something to make your next challenge more successful. When things do work out well, it is very satisfying…Cheers!
Life in the West Art Gallery is featuring a unique art exhibition and sale this month. This show is presenting the favorite artworks of 82 artists from 19 states and will include over 130 works of art! This event will take place for 3 days only, February 17 - 19, 2023 at the gallery. This is a poster that shows the dates and times of the event. You are welcome to forward this poster to your family and friends that may have an interest.

The People’s Favorite artworks will be displayed in the March newsletter. The most favorite artwork, chosen by the show attendees, will earn the artist $100!
Broomfield Lifestyle Magazine
Speaking of the Life in the West Art Gallery, I am very excited to announce that Broomfield Lifestyle Magazine is featuring the gallery in its February 2023 issue! The feature includes a cover photo, photos of the gallery taken by Sarah Dawn Photography, and a nicely written article by contributing writer, Nina Sloan. To see this issue of the magazine and to read the article please visit:
Current Art Shows
The R Gallery + Wine Bar in Boulder, Colorado is currently showcasing three of my artworks on their designated BAA Wall. The wall features artwork by selected Boulder Art Association members, and for the month of February, the artworks by Dorothy Weiner and myself have been selected.
The R Gallery + Wine Bar is located just a half block from the Pearl Street Mall and features an impressive array of local artists working with in a variety of mediums and sizes. And it’s more than just an art gallery, boasting a wine bar with a full list of world-class wines and local Colorado beers. This art gallery is a must-stop if you enjoy seeing good art.
The CORE Art Space in Lakewood, Colorado is showing two of my artworks in their Finely Crafted show, Jan. 27 - Feb. 12, 2023.
(l)Rocky Mountain Barn, (r) Frosted Tetons
Another Critter
The latest artwork in my Critter collection is titled, Mountain Goat with Baby. This scene was inspired by a trip my wife and I took to Glacier National Park a couple of years ago. The mountain goat is a familiar “critter” in the park and an animal that has always fascinated me with how it can maneuver within the mountains. Mountain Goat with Baby has been sold, but Alaska Bear and Mountain Lion critters are still available. I may create another Critter piece to take a short break away from the creation of Carlsbad Caverns, although I haven’t decided on which Critter is next.
Inquiries: don@donwoodard.com
Mountain Goat With Baby
Alaska Bear
Mountain Lion
Flat Tops Wilderness
As I have mentioned in previous issues of our newsletter, it is this time of the year when I reminisce about the times spent riding horses in the Rocky Mountains and leading packhorse trips into the wilderness. Following are a few pictures of past horse trips, into areas that have had very little impact by human beings. For about 40 years, these trips have always been an exciting time to get away from it all and just experience nature! Hopefully, these pictures will allow you to enjoy this beautiful area, located in Northwest Colorado, as well.
For a closer look, click on an image below.
The Ripple Creek Lodge near Meeker, Colorado is a ranch that I have worked with for many years and it is a great place for a getaway. They offer seven historic, rustic cabins, built in the 1930s, which have been updated to provide you with comfortable accommodations; a lodge for dining and socializing; and wilderness adventures such as hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and more. Their website is www.RippleCreekLodge.com.

For the adventurous, if you would like to explore many of the same wilderness areas that we have been riding over the years, Ripple Creek Lodge offers a truly epic adventure into the wilderness, called the Flat Tops 40. This is a four-day, three-night experience where you ride horses over 40 miles through the backcountry. Visit their website for more information and if I am available, I would love to join you for your adventure.

You are welcome to visit my website at www.DonWoodard.com and view a special collection of artworks that I have created from adventures and misadventures that have occurred during our packhorse trips. This collection is titled the Pack-Horse Adventure Collection. The originals are not for sale, but photographic, framed, metal prints are available for you. The originals of this collection are available to museums and secure visitor centers that may be
interested in presenting them to their visitors. This collection is located in the Original Carvings gallery on my website.
That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and I hope to see or hear from you soon.