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Team Earley Fends Off Team Gilbert In Extra Holes To Claim The Title:

The match took place at Glenrochie CC on September 24th. A chilly fall day saw two underdog contenders primed for victory. Team Earley jumped out to a quick lead, up four holes in the first five. The match seemed all but over as Team Gilbert would have to win all remaining holes to force a playoff.  

Unbelievably they did just that. As the teams tee'd off the first hole of the playoff, it was up to the juniors to hit good drives, as both adults found themselves in trouble. Drew Gilbert came through with a shot to the right rough. Their next shot placed them behind a tree with a bunker in front of the green, but it was playable.  

Olivia Earley hit her drive right down the middle, over a fairway bunker. Team Earley's second shot found itself short of the green but with a lot of room to work with. Without many options, Team Gilbert played for the bunker and left themselves with a tough out. They were able to escape, but needed to get it close with 40-feet of green between them and the hole.  

Team Earley's next shot wasn't what they wanted, coming up short, but with a makeable putt up the hill. Drew Gilbert hit a great putt, leaving a tricky 6-footer, which Andy Gilbert made. It all came down to the putt of Team Earley. Olivia had good speed but missed just left. Then, Joshua Earley stepped up and drained it in the center to take home the title!

Congrats to Team Earley, Team Gilbert, and all the rest for an outstanding season!

First Tee Fundamentals:

Pre-Shot Routine

There are a few elements of the pre-shot routine that many great players share:

  • Visualize your shot. After determining the distance and selecting your club, stand behind the ball and try to see the shot in your mind. What is the height and shape? Where does it land? Where does it stop?
  • Take a couple of practice swings. Keep in mind the shot you just visualized and make a few motions that would bring the shot to life.  
  • Get lined up properly. Approach the ball while keeping your eyes fixed on the target as long as possible.  Set your club down first, aimed at the target, then set your feet based on where the club is.

A good pre-shot routing doesn't guarantee the outcome you want, but it will help you to be more consistent over time.

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First Tee Core Values: Exploring The Game

The game of golf has many variations, including stroke play, match play, and scramble among the most common formats.  Here is how each one works:

Stroke Play - Each competitor plays his/her own ball throughout the match; lowest score wins.  The field can be very large in this type of event.

Match Play - This format is head-to-head and is played by winning holes instead of total strokes.  An example score would be 2 up with 5 to play.  

Scramble - A team of 2 to 4 players tee off and select the best shot.  Then all members of the team play from this location.  Repeat until the ball is holed.

What is your favorite golf format?
Stroke Play
Match Play

Set Up For The Golf Swing with Rick Shiels

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