October 2017 

A Changing World

I am just back from my annual Assante conference.  This event provides a unique opportunity to work with industry experts, portfolio managers, share ideas about how we can better service our clients, and hear from leaders in the business world.  This year, the editor of Forbes magazine was one of our speakers, among others.  What is most important is it really gives me a focused time to look at areas where I can do more, identify new trends, and ensure I help my clients focus on the real priorities for the future.

Here are a few takeaways,and the most common concerns of investment experts and portfolio managers:
1) Expecting historically average returns is not likely to be achievable.  With low interest rates and muted growth in most developed economies, returns will be lower than historical averages.  Not exciting news, but better to recognize this than have false expectations.
2) Passive income options (ETF's, Exchange traded funds) are plentiful right now, but as most move with the markets, they tend to add more risk when sudden events happen. Ensure you are positioned to manage this scenario, and keep risk at the level that works for your timeline.  
3) Looking for simplistic solutions will not likely  provide the same end results. The old status quo of a fixed income ETF, and a Dividend ETF may not provide the same stable results it did.  Considering how rapidly we are seeing the shift of earnings in different industries means that these shifts will likely continue at an ever increasing pace.  Uber has shaken the taxi industry, but it owns no cars.  These examples of new ways of thinking mean that we need to hold items that are participating in the changing economy, and any equity exposure needs to using experts that are both forward-thinking for growth and working to protect assets from market challenges.
4) Managing debt levels, and saving for our futures will be the ongoing challenge with reduced access to pension plans, and changing tax regulations.
5) Ensuring that you are using realistic time horizons.  Most of us think that when we retire we must be safe.  However, since many of us will spend 30 years in retirement, we must ensure your assets continue to grow.
Investment Management and Financial Planning options have many facets to consider.  Ensure we are looking at all areas for your true needs.  That will ensure you have the highest opportunity to meet your goals.

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Business Tax Discussion Update

Is Canada's tax system fair?  More information on the Private Corp. tax proposal.  
This has been a hot topic of late, not just because it completely changes the premise of tax structures for much of private corporation business, however, it also has been based on many inaccurate statements that have led to much debate.
Want to learn more?  Need answers?

Attend an Education Breakfast.  There are many happening throughout the GTA that are educating business owners about this issue.  BDO is offering 3 breakfasts which will be very informative.  Contact my office asap for details to register.

For those that are interested in reading a little more, here are a few articles to help better understand the concerns.

Did you Know Life Insurance can provide an investment as well.
1) The income tax act allows for significant tax savings when using life insurance to shelter deposits. All assets in an exempt life insurance policy grow on
a tax deferred basis, and are ultimately paid out free of tax upon the death of the life insured.
2) These assets are completely private. Other than the owner and the insurance co., no one will be able to determine who the beneficiaries are. With
traditional investments, since a will has to be probated to disburse money upon death, the will becomes a matter of public record after it is probated.

3) Investing into permanent insurance allows each investor to manage income from a third taxation structure that can help reduce or even avoid pension
claw-backs. As the investments grow tax-free, they can be switched, bought & sold without triggering taxable capital gains.

If you have additional cash flow and want a tax deferred way to manage it, there may be a solution with insurance.

Richmond Hill Centre For The Performing Arts Season kicked off October 11th. I'm excited to be a sponsor this year, helping to bring great art and entertainment to our community.  Enjoy an evening out with a great line up of performers for the 2017-2018 year including Don Ross, Rosanne Barr, Classic Albums Live and much more.

Fall at The McMichael Gallery 

As a reminder, there are some amazing opportunities to see art at The McMichael Gallery.  In fact, my recent favourite is the Size Matters exhibit, and the Group of Seven Guitar Project.  As a sponsor, I am happy to offer 2 for 1 tickets to the Gallery.  Simply e-mail my office, and we will provide a special code so you can enjoy this Canadian jewel.  Remember, with the amazing conservation area around the gallery, it's a great place for a family walk in the Fall.
Financial Planning  
Downsizing - To Stay or Move?  The Burning Question
In September I was a guest speaker at 2 lunches on Downsizing.   
Sharon Parenteau and I held a lunch and learn session to help over 70 people learn the best option based on their circumstances. We reviewed the financials, all the options and how to prioritize to make the best decision for you!  

Thinking of Downsizing?

Let me know and we'll invite you to an upcoming session.

Last Chance to get tickets. Check out the recent interview with our speakers. 

This year we are featuring a special VIP Pamper-Me-Bag with over $500 value for $100 and a Live Auction.

Interested in: 
- Custom Made Jewelry worth over $5,000
- Walk in Spa Tub worth $15,000
- Luxury Resort Holiday
- Hair cut, blow dry and color for a year by a recognized Toronto Stylist, Daniel Fiori
- Dinner with Firefighters
These will go for amazing prices, so please ensure you attend to get the best deals around!

Full List of silent auction items here

Traveling to the US soon? See what portfolio managers are saying about  currency fluctuations and how we can manage it in portfolios.


REFERRALS: Thank you for your referrals. We really appreciate you passing along our name.  If you know somebody who needs a 2nd opinion on their portfolio, or who really needs to focus on planning for the future and setting some objectives, I can help.  Ensuring you have the retirement income you need and paying the least amount of tax along the way is how I enable you to meet your personal financial objectives.  
Quote of the Month:  

I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person. Or he became me.
- Cary Grant
I had the privilege of having dinner at Cary Grant's Estate recently, and thought that this quote represented those of us trying to strive for something better.  
Janine Purves, CFP® , CPCA, CCS  

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