Parish Notices for July 17, 2020
Dear Epiphany Family
Your vestry and clergy are reading together a book on adaptive leadership, a leadership model that speaks of the importance of leaders holding steady. Hold steady in the face of anxiety. Hold steady in the face of uncertainty. Hold steady and keep people focused on the real work. I like that phrase “hold steady” because it sounds a lot like the biblical notion of steadfastness and faithfulness. 
These are strange and nerve-wracking times in which we live. A recent study by the Kaiser Foundation found that nearly half of Americans said the pandemic had worsened their mental health, brought on by increased fear and isolation. When anxiety goes up, it begins to look for something specific to glom onto. We think if we can fix _____, we will feel better. I heard one person describe it as a game of whack-a-mole. We deal with one source of anxiety and another pops up in its place. In churches it pops up in all kinds of places: finances, technology frustrations, our inability to gather, even issues with the building and grounds. 
Our faith reminds us to hold steady, even as anxiety swirls around us, and remember to keep our focus on our mission. That keeps us centered on the things that matter most. We keep our focus on worshiping God together, caring for each other, being formed by the love of Christ, welcoming those who come in search of community, and partnering with other community organizations in outreach.
As we focus on our mission, we shift away from the sources of our anxiety, and towards the one who says to us gently, “do not be afraid.”  We place our trust, not in our own cleverness or efforts, but in the God who has carried this parish through 122 years of its history. We know that whatever the unknown future holds, whether it is anxiety about our parish or about our own well-being, our faith and trust in God will sustain us. 
I hope you are taking good care of your mind, body, and spirit during these days. Be extra gentle with yourself and with others while we are all dealing with the effects of this pandemic and all the other suffering in our world. I will be on vacation from July 23-August 3. The Rev. Nicole Lambelet will be available for pastoral care or other emergencies. I hope you are taking time to observe some Sabbath for yourself as well. 
I am grateful for all of you,
Staycation Bible School - Every Sunday at 9 a.m.
This summer Epiphany kids (3.5 to rising 5th graders) are invited to join us for Epiphany’s first ever Staycation Bible School! We are studying the Fruit of the Spirit, sing songs, pray together, and have conversations about faith with our families! Each week their will be suggested (optional) activities for kids to do at home. Questions? Email Laraine Fraijo-Paul.
Morning Prayer Online

You don't have to sign up for Zoom to participate. Just click the login link button listed below to join the service.

All the links below, along with the service bulletin can also be found on our homepage if you prefer to call in or are unable to view the service Power Point presentation.
Login around 9:50 a.m. to greet one another. Morning Prayer begins at 10 a.m. Remain online after to participate in Small Groups Virtual Coffee Hour.
Dial 646.558.8656
Meeting ID is 532 385 901
Weekday Morning Prayer has a private login . Email the parish office to receive the link and meeting ID.

Login around 8:45 a.m. for Virtual Coffee Hour. The service begins at 9 a.m.
Sermons from Sunday are uploaded Monday afternoons to and archived for a year.
Wednesday Noon Service
The Wednesday Noonday Prayer and Healing is officiated by the Rev. Barbara Ryder each week and has a private login . Email the parish office to receive the link and meeting ID. You may call in on your home phone or cell phone and listen to the service. If you would like a copy of the liturgy mailed to you so you can participate by phone, let Shea know.
Beware of Phishing Scams
Last week Epiphany got hit not once, but twice with a phishing scam. It's a scheme where someone —u sing contact emails from our website poses as our clergy and tries to trick recipients into purchasing gift cards.
The diocese also sent out a notice to parishes, because we weren't the only church targeted and it seems to be happening more often.

Fox 5 Atlanta heard about it and interviewed our Senior Warden Ann Fowler for a news segment.
The most important thing to remember is that the clergy and staff will never email you asking for money or gifts cards. If you ever receive a suspect email like that, double check the sender's address. All Epiphany staff use for their email addresses, not If you want to read the full notice sent the parish about the scam, click here.
Getting to know the Rev. Nicole Lambelet
During last Sunday's Coffee Hour, the Rev. Nicole Lambelet shared with us a bit about her background, formation and life experiences and goals for her new role at Epiphany as Associate Priest for Family Ministry & Outreach. If you missed the opportunity, click here to learn more about Nicole and the gifts that she is bringing to our parish.
Worship Survey Deadline TONIGHT at midnight
On July 9, our "Safely Together" task force sent out a Worship Survey created by the Diocese to gauge your interest and ongoing preferences regarding our worshipping practices during the COVID pandemic.
The deadline to submit your input is by midnight tonight. Click here to access the original email and Survey Link.
Harvey Fund Grant Application
The Catherine D. Harvey Legacy Fund grant application cycle for the Summer term is now open. If you are aware of an organization that might qualify, please share the application.

Click here for the guidelines and application. Applications must be received by August 1, 2020. Questions? Email the Harvey Fund Advisory Board .
Financial Update - June 2020
While we are not able to worship in the same space at this time, please remember that Epiphany is a living church, and still needs your financial support. Pledge payments can be made on-line or can be mailed to the church. Non-pledging members can likewise continue to support Epiphany on-line or by mail.

 Click here for instructions for the different ways to give.
A Pastoral Care Message
Pastoral care during these months of physical distancing has looked different than at any time in recent memory. Some of our community, however, still could use some assistance from time to time. If you are interested in reaching out in a concrete way, consider offers of food, grocery shopping, or gift cards through programs like Meal Train. The pastoral care committee will share links with the permission of those using these programs as we learn of them.
We currently have a link to an active Mealtrain Plus program for Claire and son Logan Shults. You will remember that Robert Shults passed away June 17 after a long illness. The Shults family has been attending Epiphany since the fall of 2017.
Ghana Pilgrimage Reunion
On Thursday, July 9, the Epiphany youth and youth leaders who went to Ghana last July had a virtual reunion with their Ghanaian hosts via Zoom. Representing Epiphany were Isabelle Braden, Jessie Montgomery, Emily Kertscher, Esther Bryant, the Rev. Kim Jackson, Shereetha Jackson, and Ann Fowler. It was wonderful to see Father Theophilus Odametey and Sylvia Wristberg, our travel companions in Africa. We reminisced about our trip, caught up on our lives during the pandemic, and prayed for continued connection between people in the Diocese of Atlanta and the Diocese of Cape Coast, Ghana.
Racial Justice Means Equal Access to Voting for EVERYONE
Equal access to voting is one of the central racial justice issues faced in our lifetimes. The U.S. Constitution doesn't explicitly guarantee the right to vote, but voting is widely considered a fundamental way for all citizens to participate in American democracy. This is the first in a series about voting and our upcoming elections, the next of which is the August 11, 2020 Primary Runoff Election.
Runoff Dates for your Calendar:
ASAP - Send in application for an absentee ballot
July 20 - Early-in-Person Voting begins for the August 11th Election
August 7 - Last Day for Early Voting for August 11th Election
August 11 - Election Day: Special Election Runoffs
How do I vote Absentee? We urge you to request your mail-in ballot and get it back to your county registrar’s office as soon as possible. Mail-in ballots must be received no later than close of the polls on Election Day. Download the application from here .
To locate your voter registration number  click here. Fill out the MVP login at the top right and click “submit,” then scroll down and click the black box - "print/email precinct card,” your voter card will pop up with your number.
If you live in DeKalb County, you can return your application for an absentee ballot by: 
  • Mail: DeKalb Elections - Absentee Ballot Request, 4380 Memorial Drive, Suite 300, Decatur, GA 30032 
  • FAX: 404-298-4038

I would prefer to vote early rather than absentee, where can I do so in DeKalb County? Early voting will occur July 20 - August 7 at three locations.
  1. DeKalb County Elections office, 4380 Memorial Drive, Decatur
  2. South DeKalb Mall, 2801 Candler Road, Decatur
  3. Dunwoody Library, 5339 Chamblee/Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody
How do I find out about candidates and what is on the ballot?  Click here for the Georgia voter guide. See the ballot; research the candidates and referendums.
Actions you can take if you have 10-15 minutes
  • Ask your friends and family if they are registered to vote and, if not, advise them how to do so.
  • Ask your friends and family if they are aware of the upcoming primary run-off election on August 11th and, if not, provide them the information about ways to vote.
  • Contact Senators Perdue and Loeffler and your Congressperson and ask them to take up and pass legislation ensuring that free and fair election will not be threatened by the pandemic.
Seychelle Water Bottle - by Kelly Alexander
The church gave away many of these bottles over a year ago —but they didn't include instructions! Intended for people who travel abroad (think Haiti or Ghana) for "mission" trips as an alternative for purchasing bottled water and reducing our trash footprint overseas, these bottles are worth about $30 so it is important you know how to use them. And do use them (or give them to me and I will make sure they are given to people who will!). When I travel to Africa, Asia, Latin America (or wherever!), I fill this bottle up with water from rivers, water pumps or taps at hotels and have no doubt that clean water will always come through the straw into my mouth
The filter lasts 1-3 years depending on frequency of use and turbidity (cloudiness) of water. When you need to replace the filter the flow of water will significantly slow down but you will not be at risk for drinking dirty water. Most filters do NOT take out viruses but this filter will protect you from the diarrhea and stomach-ache causing pathogens in ANY water (except saltwater). Please email me with any comments or questions!
Staying in Touch
  • Pastoral Emergencies: Please call the church at 404.373.8338 and leave a message for Amy at extension 14 or Nicole at extension 16. They will receive an alert message notice and call you back.

  • Staff: While the church building is closed, the parish staff is working from home and checking email and voicemail messages regularly.

  • The Parish Directory is accessible online through the Member Login link at the top of and through the ChurchLife app for registered members. Click here to login or to register.

  • Social Media: We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and post regularly. Click here to see the feed of our most recent posts and to find all our platform links.
Youth Meetings
Epiphany Youth: Continuing through the summer, our youth are invited to gather via Zoom for a combined middle and high school youth group on Sundays. We gather from 5-6 p.m.

Meeting ID: 532 38 5901
Guitars + Compline: Every Monday and Friday at 9 p.m., the youth community of our diocese gather on Zoom to pray and lift one another up. Youth lead everything from MC'ing, to prayers, to music. Login here.
Epiphany Book Group
The Epiphany Book Group meets 1st Mondays at 7:30 p.m., The selection for August is The Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee by Casey Cep. E mail John Yntema for the login instructions.
Grief Pastoral Care Group
The Grief Pastoral Care Group meets 1st Thursdays at noon via Zoom for a healing and faith based conversation around grief and loss. Led by parishioners Megan Fraijo-Paul and Nancy Thompson , both trained psychotherapists. Anyone who has not previously met with the group should contact either Megan or Nancy.
Flex & Stretch and Chair Yoga
The Flex & Stretch class - which is the basic SilverSneakers class - meets on Zoom on Fridays and the Chair Yoga program is being offered online on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All at 11 a.m. Questions? Email Ellen Mintzmeyer .
Friday Flex & Stretch
Meeting ID: 809 302 993
Tuesday Chair Yoga
Meeting ID: 277 401 969
Thursday Chair Yoga
Meeting ID: 201 978 730
Face Masks Needed
Many families and individuals in the Emmaus House neighborhood need face masks to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. After struggling to pay rent, buy food, and obtain other essentials, those living in low-income areas often can’t afford to purchase masks.
If you have basic sewing skills and would like to help the Peoplestown community and surrounding areas, please consider making cloth face masks and donating them to Emmaus House. Click here for sewing instructions. To arrange delivery, e mail Ann Fowler . Thank you!
From the Diocese of Atlanta
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From the Cathedral Bookstore
Here's a link to the newest books that are recommended by our staff, our priest and our community members, including books that we think your children will enjoy.
Store Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10-4, Saturday:10-2 
Curbside pick-up is still available
From Church Publishing
We are thrilled to give you a preview of our Fall 2020 books! Click this link to find books that address racial justice and healing, and issues brought on by the pandemic. You will also find a variety of offerings on health and well-being as well as faith formation.

In addition, we are pleased to continue to offer free standard shipping on all book orders over $35 with code FREESHIP.*
  • Names of our friends and family remain on the list for four weeks.
  • Click here for the full Anniversary & Birthday List for the month of July.
  • Send prayer requests to the parish office.
For members who are bidding our prayers: Sally Brockington, Sam Burnett, Laraine Fraijo-Paul, Rob Godsall, Elizabeth Holloway, Henry Laird, Jessica Moody, Jaye Rudolph, Claire & Logan Shults, Stephanie Thompson

For those who have been deployed: Lauren Marcewicz

For friends and family: Bill & Carolyn Allen, parents of Jewel Allen; Hallie Edwards, friend of Laura Gary; Dalton, friend of Linda Ryder-Wolf; Cynthia Hizer; The Burton family, friends of Nancy Thompson; Joanna & Dawn Vaugh, friends of Caroline Driebe; Bobby Hancock, friend of Jeremy Davis; Isabel Rodriguez, granddaughter of Mike & Beth Towers; Rosalind Blair, sister of Katharine Hilliard-Yntema ; Rosalie Shipp, stepmother of Amy Shipp

For those who have died: Horace Johnson, friend of amanda Lewis

For those celebrating anniversaries this coming week (7/12-18): Susan Jamieson & Max Creighton

 For those celebrating birthdays this coming week (7/12-18): Caroline Driebe, Andrea Strahan, Wallace Bryan-McGrath, Lisa Carlson , Alex Costello, J. P. Loughlin, Jeanne Hatcher, Ella Grace Thomas, Mark Banfield, Everett Cobb, Maggi Ewing, John Kelly, Laurel Weidmann-Smith, Emma Zeller, Ross Democko, Brendan Wiseman

For members who desire our continuing prayers: Jackie Boles, Arlen Gray, Elizabeth Holloway, Ron Hutcheson, Rod MacLeod, Chris Miller, Tom Mundy, June Sparks
The weekly parish notices are published Friday mornings at 7 a.m.
The submission deadline is Wednesdays at 5 p.m.