A Chef's View: Spices Are an Integral Part of Lebanese Cuisine
I met chef Mike Elmachtoub when someone recommended his catering company to me. I called Urban Crunch Meal Prep & Catering and ordered some pistachio-crusted salmon and filet mignon for my staff. The food was well received, so I began to order more and more from Urban Crunch. Chef and owner Mike and I got to talking about his upbringing in Lebanon and how his father owned multiple restaurants all over the world.
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Chia Seeds Are a Nutrient Powerhouse
Including chia seeds in your diet can deliver a healthy breakfast or afternoon energy boost because chia is associated with vitality and satiety due to the balance in fat, fiber and protein they contain. Chia absorbs water and expands, so if you enjoy the consistency of tapioca or rice pudding, this is a great snack for you.