From the Desk of the Executive Director
It’s been a long, wet winter. March is here and Spring is just around the corner! March is also National Nutrition Month. Good nutrition is vital to healthy growth and development, especially for at-risk children. Each day, A Child’s Haven (ACH) is a LiveWell Greenville partner and serves two nutritious meals to each child in attendance. Since most ACH families live below the poverty level, this hot breakfast and lunch might be the only healthy foods they eat all day.

By nourishing children’s bodies with healthy foods, treating their minds with group and individual therapy and educating their parents, A Child’s Haven is making Greenville a better place one child at a time. The need is great, but our ambition is greater, and you are a huge part of the work we do. Thank you for investing in and believing in us.

Spring also brings new opportunities to engage with ACH, like a chance to buy Blue Ridge Fest raffle tickets and win up to $10,000 ; a chance to support ACH when you shop at Publix Tour the Hartness Showcase of Homes and be an early supporter for the 2019 Holiday Benefit Breakfast.  Click here to Sponsor…

These opportunities give you different ways to support ACH, and they are only the beginning. If you have ideas of new ways to help ACH, let us know. We would love to hear from you!


Laurie Rovin
Jamal's Story
Jamal’s family struggled to make ends meet. His father worked three jobs, leaving Jamal’s mom and grandmother taking turns caring for Jamal when he wasn’t at the corner childcare center. Everything was going well until Jamal’s grandmother relapsed into substance abuse. After that, Jamal was never sure where he was going to go to sleep or where he would wake up. The lack of structure began to wear on him. Jamal lashed out at home and refused to go to sleep until he was completely exhausted. He began hitting other children in daycare and having uncontrollable outbursts. The situation reached a breaking point when Jamal was expelled from his childcare center. Things were bleak, and then a friend recommended Jamal’s family reach out to A Child’s Haven.
Hartness Showcase of Homes
A Child's Haven has been named exclusive charity partner of the Hartness Showcase of Homes 2019! Join us Thursday through Sunday, April 25-May 12 to tour the 2019 Inspiration Home and several other beautiful custom homes while taking in all the natural neighborhood beauty that Hartness has to offer.

Admission is $10, and ACH receives all ticket proceeds. We'll be on site all twelve days. Come see us or volunteer to be part of the event!
Life Lifters!
Become a Life Lifter and your small, monthly gifts will add up to big results for the children and families of A Child's Haven.

Over a 12 month period, your minimum $10 donation will fund two nutritious meals for a child when they comes to us for treatment. We'll also send you a limited edition stainless steel tumbler so you can fly your ACH colors!
Thanks Cliffs Resident Outreach!
A Child’s Haven is sending a huge thanks to residents of Cliffs Valley & Cliffs Mountain park for their $25,000 investment! We will use these funds to update therapy room camera systems and to update our on-site laundry.
Blue Ridge Fest Raffle
A Child’s Haven has been selected is a benefiting charity for this year’s Blue Ridge Fest! We're helping Blue Ridge Fest sell raffle tickets with your chance to win $2,000, $5,000 or even $10,000!
Attention Publix Shoppers!
Publix updated their charity program. You can still support ACH, now you just need to register and select us as your “school of choice”.
Mauldin High School Spirit Week
Mauldin High School raised over $110,000 for A Child’s Haven during MHS Spirit Week 2019. Thanks to the student council, student body and the entire Mauldin Community for supporting at-risk children and families!