I would like to ask all of you to take a minute right now and look around this room and notice how many people are here. If you were here last year, there were about 400 people. It looks like we have at least that many here tonight. Now, imagine if 315 of you stood up, right now, and left the room. The room would be almost empty right? Well, that’s how many babies Safe Haven has saved.

By saving babies’ lives, Safe Haven lets them grow up and maybe they will become people that change the world for the better. Maybe one of them will become the President, maybe they will help save more babies. I don’t know what they will become but Safe Haven gives them a chance. Safe Haven for Newborns gave me a chance.

Fourteen years ago, money was given and I’m standing here tonight because of that. My name is Lydia Casady and I’m Safe Haven baby number 48. My Safe Haven name is Milagros, which means miracle, but really all babies are miracles.

I’m a teenage girl who likes to draw; and people are what I draw mostly. I also like to play on the laptop. During the spring and summer, I run track with DASA, my local US Paralympic Sport Club. I run the 100-meter, 200-meter, and do long jump. I got a new personal best in all my events at least once this last season. I also got another cat since last year so now I have two cats, Bitty and Sweetie. I want to help save and foster kittens until they’re ready for their forever homes. I still want to be a mom too. My favorite subject in school right now is science. This year I’m learning how playing games can improve cognitive development. This last summer I went to overnight camp where I served as a Junior Camper Counselor to a girl who has less abilities than me. I really enjoyed it a lot and want to do it again.

Please consider supporting my Safe Haven for Newborns family because your support saves lives!