Clean water for God's thirsty children
A Christmas Thank You
With Water Women around the world, let us raise a toast of clean water to our success in this difficult, one of a kind year.
And remember the happiness of the thousands of mothers whose children are drinking clean water.
To Our Water With Blessings Community for Mission:

We have come to the end of a year that no one will forget. Yet with all the illness, struggle, and anxiety, I have so much for which I am grateful.

Even with travel bans, restrictions, and hyper-precautions, our courageous country teams trained and equipped thousands of Water Women who will provide clean water to their own and three other families for many years to come. It is said that love drives out fear – this is your proof.

What this means is that healthy children here in the US and around the world will grow and learn and become strong, contributing members of their local communities. Your investment has changed their lives.

Our WWB community has grown through our special events and other outreach. I thank once again all who have offered to sponsor these events and the volunteers who made them successful.

Others have introduced Water With Blessings to their friends and families. We thank you, and are grateful to the new members of our community who have embraced the cause of clean water.
Our staff is small in number, but their resolve and perseverance through the year has overwhelmed me. Whether working virtually or taking careful precautions here in our office, they committed themselves to getting the most out of each day, making sure we kept our operations running.

And why has all this continued? Because even in a year when many have lost jobs, and others a significant portion of their income, contributions to Water With Blessings in 2020 have nearly kept pace with previous years. And with your help, in 2021 we’re going to continue Making Our Move For Hope – more about that soon.

I thank God every day, several times a day, for your commitment and generosity. I, along with thousands of Water Women and their communities, raise prayers of thanksgiving for you and your intentions.

May you have a joyous Christmas season, and a blessed, happy, and healthy 2021.

Sister Larraine

The First Sip

As a special thank you, we have a short slide show featuring some of those to whom you gave the gift of clean water during 2020 – the gift of life and health. Please take a moment and see the joy of our Water With Blessings family.
Our fundraising success means more clean water for God’s thirsty children in the new year

Finding tax relief
at the end of the year

Remember that there are ways of giving that can reduce your 2020 tax burden. Whether you are worried about capital gains, received disbursements you would like to share, or have the ability to make a major gift, please consider Water With Blessings.

If you would like more information, please contact Rebecca Stutsman, our Chief Development Officer. Her phone number is (502) 939-7312. Also, check with your financial advisor to confirm your giving capacity.

Thank you for investing in Water With Blessings.

Special Event Success

While we were sad that we couldn’t enjoy our Cradles of Christ in person, the virtual version was a great success. The Online Auction raised nearly $6,000, and friends contributed more than $500 in subscriptions to our Advent series. We’ll have more to report soon on the Frosty 5K and other events. Thanks to all who joined in!

Big announcement on the horizon

As the New Year begins, we will be sharing some great, great news. If you can, please carve out a few minutes for our Coffee Chat at Noon Eastern on January 1.

As always, please consider telling your friends about us.

One way to help is to forward this email to a few of your friends. You never know -- perhaps they would want to join you in providing
clean water for God's thirsty children.

And you can make a long-term impact by clicking the link below to become a sustaining donor to Water With Blessings. By giving $12.50 each month, you can sponsor two new Water Women each year.

We'll be sure to send you information on seeing where your Water Women live and the impact your gift is making.
Why I Support
Water With Blessings
Karen Henderson
WWB Advocate

Karen Henderson was introduced to Water With Blessings two years ago this month when she attended a Christmas Cookie Exchange at the home of former WWB Board Member Tammy Donelson. Sr. Larraine gave a progress report, and the mission fit with Karen’s giving priorities.

“I have a passion for helping ‘third world’ countries suffering in poverty,” Karen said. “I’ve had the chance to take part in some mission work in the field and have seen for myself the desperation of the people. I had already heard about the amount of disease carried in the dirty water, and the despair that mothers have when there is no other option for water to give to their children.

“But when I heard what Sr. Larraine had to say, it struck my soul. I decided I needed to do something. And now I am, albeit in a small way.”

Karen sponsored several Water Women herself, put up a Facebook post on her birthday asking for donations, and designated Water With Blessings for a gift on Giving Tuesday. Now she is encouraging others to follow her in another ‘small way.’

“I have designated Water With Blessings as my charitable organization on Amazon Smile,” she said. “With no additional effort, my purchases have generated almost $50. That’s almost enough for a new filter for four families. I think this is an important message to be communicated with everybody shopping on Amazon because of Covid.

“It’s really easy. Just go to and designate Water With Blessings. This is something everyone can easily do.”
If you have some time, join Sr. Larraine for a special Christmas Coffee Chat
With health concerns and travel restrictions, we know that some of you may be on your own this year. But a zoom Christmas doesn’t have to be a blue Christmas.

You can join Sr. Larraine at Noon (Eastern Time) for a special Christmas Coffee Chat.

She’ll probably be by herself, so she would like to share some joyful Christmas prayer and the cheer and fellowship of the day. The forecast here is cold, so brew up something warm and head for the computer (or tablet, or phone). Let’s celebrate together Emmanuel: God is with us!

And if you join us again on New Year's Day, you will be among the first to hear about some exciting plans for 2021. Water With Blessings will be Makin’ Our Move For Hope.
Calling Our Crafters: Help Us Cover Those Filters

As we mentioned last week, with the tremendous response to our pleas for help, our supply of crafted filter covers is starting to shrink. Several months ago we thought we had enough to last for a long time. But with our success around the world, and the urgent need in Central America and Haiti, we need more now.

The Water Women love these colorful covers, and we have always appreciated the creativity of our Water With Blessings crafting community. To find out how to help, please click on the button below. Thank you again for your help.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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