A City Hall Adventure Update
My life is not particularly adventurous. I work from home, spending most of my days behind a computer screen. I jump on conference calls, read a ton of media, enjoy some turkey rolls for lunch and occasionally make it to the gym. Nevertheless, I have managed to squeeze a bit of adventure into my lifestyle: city hall visits.

City halls dot America and crop up wherever there is some semblance of a critical mass of people. They serve as waypoints to explore our country and the diversity of its people. For me, city halls also offer a chance to make new friends or reconnect with existing ones.

Many know that I started a mission to visit every city hall in California a couple of years ago. Today, I write to provide an update on the quest: 137 ( See Ryder's City Hall Adventure Map ). That is the number of California city halls I’ve visited and taken selfies at–preferably in council chambers, of course. The quest even leads me on side trips that I wouldn’t take otherwise, and I am loving it.

I have also let my quest infiltrate my travels outside of California, and can now add a smattering of Oregon and Washington city halls to my visit list, along with the equivalent of city halls in Maui, Hawaii; Wrangell, Alaska; and Madrid, Spain.

I am now seeing others join in and share selfies from government buildings they’ve visited. Craig Hill from NHA Advisors shot me a photo from City Hall of Montepulciano in Italy. Jim Lewis sent a picture from the Hawaii County building on the Island of Hawaii. Director Katherine Griffiths on team Tripepi Smith sent a family photo from a trip to the midwest posing at the Wisconsin State Capitol. All had the obligatory thumbs up.

I have a lot of work to do in my pursuits. Even here in Orange County, I have a couple city halls to visit still. But I can see a vacation in my near future that will send me bouncing around cities across California and beyond as I explore America. If you get a strange request from some random guy off the street asking to take a selfie in your closed council chamber, have mercy on me.

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Client Highlight: Pivot Charter Schools
ROADS Education Organization, a not-for-profit California corporation, currently operates four Pivot Charter Schools serving San Diego, Butte, Riverside and Sonoma Counties and their contiguous counties. The schools offer TK through 12th grade students an opportunity for a blended learning program, with online courses combined with teacher support and subject-specific tutoring at the resource centers.

Pivot Charter Schools relies on Tripepi Smith for management of marketing services, including e-newsletters, online advertising campaigns, social media management, collateral development such as brochures, flyers and postcards, maintenance of its websites, photography and videography services and print advertising.

Learn more about #TripepiSmithVIP Pivot Charter Schools ( Pivot North Bay | Pivot North Valley | Pivot Riverside | Pivot San Diego ).
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Upcoming Conference Plans
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Service Spotlight: Videography
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Video has the power to elevate your image, highlight the personalities of your community and make complex content digestible. What’s more, distribution costs have dropped to zero.

Tripepi Smith helps agencies leverage video to elevate, highlight, inform and connect with their communities.

Talent On Tap
Jon Baroline
Jon has wide-ranging knowledge and skill sets from years of Internet marketing and marketing communications work in a variety of industries. His professional background includes search engine optimization and advertising, website content management, content writing and editing, product marketing management and significant experience with social media marketing and community management.

As a Tripepi Smith director, Jon's thought leadership drives innovation and mentorship on #TeamTS . He supports #TripepiSmithVIPs , including the City of Santa Ana, City of Santa Cruz, City of Culver City, City of American Canyon, City of Lomita, the California City Management Foundation, Civiltec Engineering and much more.
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