Restoring the Ouhoughton
Recently, Wildlands, in partnership with Martins-Jacoby Watershed Association (MJWA), completed the restoration of nearly one-mile of the Ouhoughton Creek, a direct tributary to the Delaware River in Northampton County – a project years in the making. This exciting and rewarding endeavor is a great example of the power of partnerships and the importance of healthy ecosystems in the watershed!

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Your contribution today will go toward additional stream restoration projects, such as plans to restore the Little Bushkill Creek and the Bushkill Creek, both in Northampton County.
February Programs
Planning the Future of Trexler Nature Preserve
Wildlands has worked since 2004 in partnership with Lehigh County and the PA Game Commission to forward exciting projects within the Lehigh Valley's largest green space.

"The Trexler Nature Preserve is a public space where citizens of Lehigh County can better appreciate and understand our relationship with and impact upon the natural environment," according to the County. Some highlights of Wildlands partnership at TNP include:

  • Planting an American Chestnut Orchard
  • Restoring the health of the Jordan Creek
  • Hosting education programs to connect the community to this local, natural treasure

Lehigh County has posted a Master Site Plan Update draft for Trexler Nature Preserve, and the community is invited to review it and share feedback!

To learn more about what's in store for the future of the preserve and to provide your feedback, read the updated Master Site Plan draft HERE
Thank You For Participating

We thank each and every one of you who cast your vote (or votes!) for the Lehigh River as Pennsylvania's 2021 River of the Year! No matter which river takes the honor, the Lehigh knows it is our river of the year EVERY year! Be sure to follow Wildlands' social media accounts to be notified when a winner has been posted.

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