January 31, 2019
Vol. 3, Issue 5
Intinction? New? Not Really

Since posting my article, “Intinction, ‘I Dip,’” I’ve had numerous discussions on the practicality and theology of walking forward to receive communion versus waiting for our pew mates to hand us a silver tray of plastic cups filled with grape juice. It’s been good, even lively. Such a response tells me that we care about what happens in worship, especially around The Table. It also tells me that you’ve been reading my eNews articles for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you. So, as this will be the first Sunday we start serving communion by the method of intinction on a more consistent basis, I want to give us a few guidelines.

First of all, remember, this is not new. In Westminster’s history, communion by intinction has been served at both the 8:30 and 11:00 services. But if we are going to be “decent and in order” about serving The Lord’s Supper and make intinction work, regardless of crowd size and other obstacles, it will require practice and patience.

Secondly, I would suggest that if we are having reservations about this method, at the very least, give it six months. Try it out. Over the next six months, take time to reflect on your communion experience. Ask yourself the following questions: Does coming forward to receive communion change my relationship to Christ? Does coming forward encourage me to connect with my faith community? Is communion an individual devotional act or a communal one? Is intinction getting in the way of my experience or opening for me new avenues in spiritual growth? Be assured, the Worship Committee will be monitoring our experiences and reflecting on these questions over the next six months.

Finally, on the first Sunday of each month, there is always the option of staying seated in our pews. If, for any reason, walking is difficult or could be unsafe, raise your hand, and communion servers will come to you.

John Knox once commented that The Lord’s Supper is God’s sermon to us. So, over the next several months, I encourage us to listen, to grow, and to celebrate the feast by intinction.   
Ken Henry
February 3
at 8:30 & 11 a.m.

Adult Education Classes
at 9:30 a.m.,
Old Testament from Scratch - Genesis , Rebecca McGregor, Library
Louise Penny Book Studies , Betsy Donohoe, Room 209
Contemporary Theology , Room 207
Faith and Family , Lounge
Opening Doors , Room 208


Sunday, February 3
8:30 & 11 a.m., Worship
Souper Bowl of Caring
12:15 p.m., Fellowship Hour
12:15 p.m., Singers Rehearsal , choir room
3:30 p.m., Cello & Piano Concert

Thursday, February 7
4 p.m., Choristers Rehearsal, choir room
7 p.m., Adult Choir Rehearsal, choir room

Sunday, February 10
11 a.m., Worship
Noon, Fellowship Hour
12:15 p.m., Singers Rehearsal, choir room
Women's Retreat at Graves Mountain Lodge
Mark your calendar for the 4th annual WPC  Women's Retreat at Graves Mountain Lodge , April 26-28. Women of all ages are welcome -- and encouraged -- to attend. If you have questions or are interested in assisting with the planning/organization this year, please contact Heather Warren, hlwarren@ntelos.net, Patty Vandever, pvandever@aol.com, or Dana Eastman, nano2jtkk@hotmail.com.
Help at PACEM Men's Homeless Shelter in March
This year Westminster will host the PACEM (People and Congregations Engaging in Ministry) men’s homeless shelter from March 9-23, and, based on previous years, we will likely host 40-50 guests a night in Fellowship Hall. Cold winter nights are a life-threatening challenge to our homeless population, and this ministry is one of the best ways that we can fulfill our Christian commitment to  love all our neighbors . If you haven’t joined us as a volunteer in the past, please consider how you can help.  It’s a pleasure to get to know our guests and share time with them. Click here to learn more.
Talking About, and Taking Action, to End Gun Violence
The numbers cry for help: An average of 100 people die by guns every day in America, including six children. This year as usual our Virginia Capitol grounds hosted advocates on both sides of the gun debate for Martin Luther King Day. A handful of Westminster members were among 22 folks representing the Charlottesville Coalition for Gun Violence Prevention (CCGVP) at the Richmond rally for sensible laws to reduce... read more.
Prayers of Concerns and Thanksgiving
  • for Patty Vandever and her family and friends who are grieving the death of Patty's father. John Ringle who died following a car accident in Greene County just over a week ago.
  • for longtime member Betty Smallwood who is in failing health. Betty's daughters', Kathy and Beth, are with her.
  • for Jo Martin's husband Nat who has been in the hospital recently. Nat remains in pain.
  • for Marian Limberg who recently had a couple of falls and is recuperating at Westminster Canterbury
  • for Colin Lee's friend Rebecca who is facing Stage 4 cancer and challenging treatments.
  • for the current pastor of a church he once led. The pastor, a fairly young man, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • for Carol Brinkerhoff's daughter Laura Young who fell at home on Friday night and suffered a significant cut above her eye and a broken wrist.
  • for Billie Best's 100-year-old father, Bill Spruill, who has staph infections in both his eyes.
  • for the LGBTQ community and supporters, notably in Japan.New laws in Japan will make it particularly difficult for transgender people to be or become the people they are.ions.
  • for Tom Jones' wife Diana's mother, Dottie Foster. Dottie recently relocated to Charlottesville from Delaware. She is seriously ill with cancer and in a great deal of pain.

  • Chris Seaman and his wife Allison offer prayers of thanksgiving that recent test results show their young son Colin is free of leukemia. Colin will continue to receive treatments for several more months to provide added assurance he remains cancer free.
  • Jean Hammond offers prayers of thanksgiving for Ken Henry's visit with Earle Hilgert and for Earle's continuing service. Earle, a New Testament scholar, has taught numerous classes at Westminster over the years and, at 92, is still finding time to teach elsewhere.
Upcoming Sermons

February 10 - Lynne preaching

February 17 - Fred Holbrook, Presbytery of the James, preaching

February 24 - Ken preaching

March 3 - Ken preaching

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