Hispanic Family E-Update
February 24, 2016
We have a new look! The National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families looks forward to bringing you research-based information on low-income Hispanic children and families in a more engaging way. 

In this edition we cover: 
A Closer Look at the 62% of Latino Kids In or Near Poverty 

The Center's new brief, A National Portrait of Hispanic Children in Need, examines the number and household circumstances of low-income children who may be in need based on their family’s economic resources and whether they are in deep poverty, poverty, or near poverty. It also notes the proportion of these children being served by some of the social service programs intended for them. Share this resource with your networks!

A Surprising Story: Resilience through the Recession 

While the Great Recession had enormous negative impacts on many U.S. families, Hispanic workers were especially hard hit. Center Co-Investigator Lisa Gennetian examines low-income Hispanic households both before and after the recession and, surprisingly, finds that their income largely stayed stable, particularly as compared with their low-income peers. However, this stability was accompanied by a general downward shift in income among Hispanic families.  

Read about these and other surprising findings in the new Hispanic Voices post. 

Highlights from the Field
Head Start & CCBG Access by Race & Ethnicity
In new analysis, CLASP examines uptake of CCDBG and Head Start for blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. Striking differences are observed by race/ethnicity and state.  CLASP is hosting a March 10th webinar on its findings.
Development of Boys & Young Men of Color
This report from the Society for Research in Child Development describes the My Brother's Keeper Initiative and summarizes developmental science ideas that may be useful in reaching the Initiative's goals, which include school readiness, high school and college completion, and reduction of violence. Read more.
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