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Kelly McGee's Lenten Reflection "From the Pews"
After reading, praying, and reflecting on today's Mass readings from Ezekiel 18:21-28; Psalm 130:1-8; and Matthew 5:20-26, I honestly found myself a bit overwhelmed. These passages talk about how we are to wait for God and seek His heavenly kingdom, how we are to turn away from sin and evil actions or we will not only face punishment here on earth, but also when we meet God as our Judge. What I failed to see in these passages was God’s unconditional love and mercy, and the numerous opportunities He gives for a conversion of heart. I was focusing on the negative verbiage and outcomes of punishment of sin and the evil in my life.

I catch myself getting caught up in the negatives and only turning to God when times are bad, when I need help, or when I am in trouble. If I would have started reading these passages with a different attitude, I may not have been so overwhelmed and frightened by the idea of the end of my time here on earth and finally coming face to face with God in His heavenly kingdom. If I would seek God first and foremost, I would have nothing to fear.

Being human is tough, life is full of ups and downs and the biggest thing I need to do is be comfortable with being uncomfortable because this world was not meant for permanent residency, rather it was created for me to seek and find God’s Presence. The more I draw closer to Him, the more I see his presence in people and everyday things, the more I see the value in my talents, and the more I feel called to live my life with the purpose I was created for. I think that’s the best thing about God, whether we are in a high or a low in our life, He will always be right there fighting for us to choose Him as He chooses us every moment of every day.

Kelly McGee
St. Anthony Parishioner (and Palmer Student Group leader)

Editor's Note: Kelly officially joined our parish last fall. She has helped start the Palmer Student Group, Friday evening Eucharistic Adoration and Song Prayer, and Catholic Trivia Night. This Columbus, Ohio native is studying her way through the chiropractic program at Palmer.
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