VOL 4 ISSUE 1 | JANUARY 18, 2018

Created in Partnership with LightShow West 
and LED Specifier Summit - Northwest
A Conversation About Women in Lighting & Design
by Lois I. Hutchinson
At LightShow West in October, four powerhouse lighting designers joined me for a panel discussion on some of the issues of gender bias, discrimination and salary inequity that percolate under today's sexual harassment headlines. Lighting designers Eileen Thomas, Heather Libonati and Ramona Pratt along with specification sales rep Lauren Dandridge Gaines described a male-dominated workplace where discrimination remains an obstacle and only a third of IALD Fellows identify as women. But what shines through in the edited transcript below are constructive strategies to speak up; ask for what you want and need. Seek out a workplace where women are valued and professional development is encouraged. Question whether an independent consultancy is right for you.
by Guest Blogger
Robb Pope - Founder - Digital Ambiance
The Methods and Markets of Interactive Lighting Design
In the traditional world of architectural lighting design a new trend is taking shape that shows promise to fundamentally transform the practice. New ways of creating light, from the RGB LED to video projection and advanced laser technology have started to make their presence felt in the world of high-end permanent architectural installations.

NEW FOR 2018
LightShow West is Headed to Las Vegas!
Starting in 2018, LightShow West will become an annual event, staging at the Las Vegas Convention Center, October 17-18, and returning to Los Angeles, October 2019. Launched in 2005 as a biennial event, LightShow West - Los Angeles has grown to become the West Coast's largest and foremost destination for architects, designers and other lighting professionals to keep current on the latest lighting trends through free seminars and face-to-face access to 300+ leading international lighting manufacturers.
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September 25, 2018
Washington State Conference Center
The largest one-day conference and product showcase for lighting professionals, featuring the latest commercial, architectural and decorative LED lighting solutions.

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