A Note from Scott and Marsha
February 26, 2019
With all the changes and planning we have going on, it has taken countless hours and meetings to work through everything for our Garden Center, especially as it relates to fall and Christmas. We have a lot of different personalities around here and sometimes our meetings are downright funny. Scott sometimes has music running in the background of his mind, and it's usually a circus tune. Sometimes I hear "Jack in the Box" music, the old school 70's tune. Do you have tunes randomly pop up in your head? Please tell me this happens to you as well. 

A couple weeks ago, we were discussing fall and how to make all things fun - of course. Amanda had the idea of having a corn kernel pool with prizes buried in the kernels for kids. I looked at her like she had grown three heads. You have to understand her. Amanda has hand sanitizer on her desk and in her car. She carries Essential Oils wherever she goes. She runs an oil diffuser in her office daily. A corn kernel pool?! I'm trying to envision 10 little kids in a kiddie pool full of corn kernels. And tiny hands covered in snot and germs reaching around corn kernels looking for prizes and snot dripping from their noses into this pool. I was like, "What did you just say?" I then took the opportunity to make fun of her idea and share with her my vision and we all had a really good laugh/cry together. I thought she seriously had lost her mind, yet she continued to insist the kids love to do this stuff! And that I should google it. So I did. It's a real thing, with an Illinois farm boasting the largest corn kernel pool in the mid-west. I am not kidding. But don't get me wrong. I did not have germ-a-phobia when my kids were small, and I am more inclined to tell them they should drink more water instead of telling them they needed a band-aid. In fact, that is our family joke. You feel bad? Drink more water. So maybe as I'm getting older, I may have more germ-a-phobia than I used to. But a corn kernel pool? I don't know...I think Amanda may have crossed a line even I can't support. Anyone with me on this? So Amanda is back to the drawing board for another idea and I'm sure it's going to be awesome. Why? Because she is like that. She is all about some sanitized, good, clean fun and helping you bring green home.  
NEW ARRIVALS in the Garden Center
These fresh veggies ready to plant and grow in your garden will have your mouth watering. Now is the time to plant lettuce, kale, spinach and certain herbs. Want to know more about what you can plant right now? Read our post from a couple of weeks ago on late winter/early spring veggie planting .
Does this bloom take your breath away? We can't stop admiring these winter-blooming beauties. We have a variety of Camellia Japonica to choose from. This 'Black Tie' variety is classy and gorgeous, but if you prefer a more "bashful" flower, the pink blooms of the 'April Remembered' will capture your heart.
Pansies are just the coolest flower. They bloom beautifully in the fall, hang on tight during the winter, and then revive and bloom beautifully in the spring. (Don't forget to fertilize them soon!) If you didn't plant pansies in fall (or the rabbits ate yours), no worries, we have a fresh batch you can choose from!
I LOVE plants--all kinds! Trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, houseplants--and I know a lot about them. I am passionate about caring for plants and learning all that I can about them. What I don’t know about plants, I am eager and willing to learn. I also love talking to people about plants and suggesting the right plant for the right place in their landscape. I love being outside, especially in a natural setting! Working hard is something I really value. I prefer to stay busy and moving because I have lots of energy. Lifting plants and moving them around is no problem, and if I need help, I will ask. I know how important it is to work with a team to get things done. Although I prefer being outside among the plants, I can easily transition to working behind a counter and being a cashier. Being on time and reliable is really important to me! My availability is flexible and I totally get that I will have to work on the weekends if I am working in a Garden Center, but I'm totally game! What's even better is I have my Horticulture degree and I would be a huge asset to FGS!

If this is you, we would love to talk to you about filling a position in our Garden Center. We need multiple part-time associates, but also interviewing for those interested in full-time. Apply online at www.fgsdurham.com/employment , come in and fill out an application, or email your resume to amanda@fgsdurham.com .
Saturday, March 16, 2019
Get up-to-date information about choosing a garden site, soil testing and amendments, planting guides and all-round care and feeding of a successful vegetable garden. Whether you are new to gardening, new to gardening in our area, or re-starting a garden, this is the information you need to succeed.     
This seminar is free, but registration is required. Registration Deadline is March 13, 2019. Email caroline@fgsdurham.com  or call Caroline at 919-484-9759, ext. 101.
Our  blog   is updated weekly with posts to educate and help you bring green home. Spring is the perfect time to plant trees! If you have a small space, it can be hard to know which tree to choose. We have a list for you to help you narrow it down ! Last week, we wrote about flowering cherry trees ! Our website also has information about all three divisions at FGS:   Garden Center Landscape Design and Installation   and  Lawn Maintenance .
Spring is also the time to get your lawn and landscape ready! Whether you are looking for year-round maintenance or a one-time landscape design and installation, FGS can make it happen! Request an estimate for lawn maintenance or design consultation for landscaping today!
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