This week has also brought all of us at JFGH profound sadness. As you know, we lost the incomparable, indefatigable Bob Cohen (z”l) this week. His loss weighs heavily on us, all of us. In our business, loss is inevitable. We have the great privilege of working alongside humans, and so losing them comes with the work. And yet, we feel each loss so deeply… It’s only six short months ago that we lost a person who we supported for years, and while we return to our work and we acknowledge that time does indeed heal all wounds, our losses remain with us, perhaps always. Surely, Bob’s loss will stay on our hearts always.
He was, by all accounts, a remarkable man, a mensch , a role model for so many. I met him but once, about a year ago. He was a giant. A legend. Yes, he’d been the architect of JFGH, and yes, he was a successful businessman, and yes, he was a philanthropist and a community builder. Any of us would do well to emulate those things, those qualities. But what I learned about him in the year that followed our one and only in-person meeting was that above all those things, what Bob Cohen was at his core was a kind and loving man. He loved his family and his community. He loved his faith and his connection to it. He was quick and generous with encouragement and positive regard. As I’ve learned about Bob through the stories of his life, it’s his kindness that has left the world a better place. I am sad that we have lost Bob, but I am inspired by the life he led. That is the lasting legacy he leaves, the inspiration to countless thousands of people who have been influenced by him. And, it is our obligation at JFGH to continue to relentlessly pursue his and his partner of 65 years, Joy’s, vision for JFGH, every bit as alive and vibrant today as it was when cast some 40 years ago.
Thanks so much for all you do for JFGH. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


David Ervin, JFGH CEO,