May 8, 2020 - In This Issue:
A Message From Mayor Steve Noble:

Dear Friends,

We are keeping updated on Coronavirus and doing our best to share this information widely.  What you need to know today:
  • We have 185 confirmed cases in Kingston as of today, with a total of 1,482 cases in Ulster County and 54 deaths reported. The County now tracks recovered cases as well, which is currently 632. 
  • Health Alliance's Broadway campus is now offering antibody testing to first responders. Schedule an appointment by calling 845-303-2730.
  • The Rite Aid pharmacy on Flatbush Ave in Kingston will offer free COVID-19 testing starting Monday, May 11.
  • New York State will extend the moratorium on evictions for those facing COVID-related hardship for an additional 60 days - until August 20.
  • The Kingston Emergency Food Collaborative  has been working now for 8 weeks to get meals and groceries to those in need, utilizing meals prepared by local restaurants via funding from Project Resilience. The prepared meals program is ending - the last delivery day will be Friday, May 15. The Kingston Emergency Food Collaboration is including a flyer with every meal delivery providing other food and economic support resources. The good news is that the grocery program will continue! Call 845-443-8888 if you are need of food.
  • The annual Memorial Day parade has been cancelled and will be rescheduled to Veterans' Day, if possible.
As always, we are asking everyone to abide by the guidelines of staying home if you are sick, distancing yourself from others even if you are well, and washing hands and surfaces often. We have seen your efforts pay off and are starting to see signs that the spread of the virus is slowing. 

Please continue to stay safe and take good care.  

Proposed Economic Recovery Plan

Mayor Noble has proposed a plan to the Common Council to address the impending deficit to the 2020 budget, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the necessity for local businesses to close and for the state to be on PAUSE, the City expects to collect drastically less sales and property tax revenue than the 2020 budgeted estimates. Other income sources such as investment interest, parking revenue, fees, permits and others will also be impacted. City Comptroller John Tuey is expecting the City of Kingston to have revenue decreases between $2,500,000-$5,000,000.

The Comptroller has formulated three estimates of potential revenue losses: a low loss estimate, a mid-range loss estimate, and a high loss estimate. Mayor Noble's economic recovery plan includes three phases that would address each scenario.  Noble has asked the Common Council to implement the first phase of the plan now, which will have minimal negative  impact on city services.

"It has become clear that we should prepare ourselves in the event that the federal government fails to adequately aid our City and, in turn, our ability to deliver essential services to residents," said Mayor Noble. "If our Federal government will not take desperately-needed action, we'll be forced to make very difficult decisions."  

The next two phases of Mayor Noble's economic recovery plan would be implemented as the City learns more about federal aid and sales tax figures. The plan outlined below is subject to change based on the emerging financial picture of the City over the coming months ahead.

Phase 1 (Immediate): Departmental budget cuts, hiring freeze, and overtime pay reductions. By strictly cutting back budgetary spending across all City departments, leaving currently unoccupied positions unfilled, and limiting overtime pay across City Departments, the City will save approximately 1,611,889.58.In order to meet the planned reduction in revenue, this phase would also include allocating up to $1.6 million from the Fund Balance to cover budget shortfalls expected under the low-loss estimate forecast.

Phase 2 (June 1): Phase 2 would be implemented if mid-range estimates become more realistic based on early sales tax returns and/or confirmation of local aid cuts by New York State. During this phase, temporary layoffs would occur in multiple areas of City government and would cause a temporary impact in the delivery of some City services. Phase 2 could also include a targeted retirement incentive for those employees who may be eligible.

Phase 3 (September 1): Phase 3 would be implemented if the fiscal outlook showed signs of the high-loss scenario and would include far-reaching permanent layoffs along with severe cuts to City services.

"The Coronavirus has devastated on our local economy, but we don't know yet how severe and long-lasting those effects will be," said Mayor Noble. "I hope we won't have to execute all phases of this plan, but I know we must do whatever we can to pull our community out of this dark economic time. By having a strong municipal financial plan, we can make sure that we continue to serve our community during this time."
Mayor Noble's Daily Update

Mayor Noble is live on the City of Kingston's Facebook page and at Radio Kingston each weekday at 5:00pm. Submit your questions for the Mayor on Facebook and he will try to address all related questions and concerns. Then tune in to hear the day's news and updates. 

Click below to hear Thursday's update.
First Round of Paving in 2020 Announced

This week, Mayor Noble and the Superintendent of Public Works  announced the first round of paving of City streets in 2020. Beginning the week of May 11, 2020, and weather depending, six streets will be milled and paved:
Tietjen Ave.
Teller St.
Deyo St.
Colonial Dr.
Sheehan Ct.
Stuyvesant Dr.
There may be detours and changes in traffic patterns, and there will be parking restrictions adjacent to Colonial Drive. Property owners and residents will be notified by mail and are advised to keep all vehicles off the street during paving.
"Even during this difficult time, the men and women of our DPW are providing necessary services and doing important work for this community," said Mayor Noble. "Though much of the state is on PAUSE, municipal roads, bridges and other infrastructure work can continue. We're grateful to have the resources to improve our beautiful city at a time where there will be minimal disruption."
Roadwork is scheduled to be completed by May 22, weather depending. The next round of paving is expected to be announced in the next couple of weeks.
City of Kingston Historian COVID-19 Project

The Friends of Historic Kingston and the City of Kingston Historian, Taylor Bruck, have started an initiative to collect and archive COVID-19 related photos of Kingston. We welcome and encourage all to participate and document this historic time in our City's history. 
City Launches

The week, a new public engagement website, was launched with two online surveys.
Engage Kingston is a hub for information about City projects in planning and design phases and a place for the community to provide input to help guide decisions that affect the entire city. Once site visitors register and engage with a project, they can receive updates such as key dates, new participation opportunities, and survey results. The site offers interactive tools such as quick polls, mapping, and Q&As. The website also has the capability to be translated into 108 languages, creating better access to projects for Kingston's diverse residents.
Projects now on the site include the DRI Dietz Stadium\Andretta Pool and Uptown Transportation projects, where residents can weigh in on surveys about re-configuring Schwenk Drive and improving three intersections along Clinton Avenue for safety and accessibility. The surveys will be open until June 8.
"We are thrilled to launch at a time when reaching the community is even more challenging," said Mayor Noble. "This interactive site will enable the City to continue engaging the public in meaningful ways through the pandemic, at a time when we cannot hold in-person public meetings."
Projects will be added to Engage Kingston regularly, including many of the City's portfolio of grant-funded transportation and water infrastructure projects, planning documents, housing initiatives, parks and sustainability programs, and more.
2020 Tentative Assessment Roll

The City of Kingston's Assessor has filed the Tentative Assessment Roll for 2020. Due to the Coronavirus and its effects on the local economy, 2020 assessments citywide will remain at the 2019 assessments, unless there was an improvement or change to the property in the last year.
A copy of the 2020 Tentative Assessment Roll is available here until May 26, 2020. The Assessor will be available to discuss any property owner's valuation complaint prior to Grievance Day by phone. Appointments can be made by calling (845) 334-3912, and will be scheduled during the following times:
Tuesday , May 12, 2020 from 4:00-8:00pm
Saturday, May 16, 2020 from 9:00am-1:00pm
Tuesday, May 19, 2020 from 9:00am-1:00pm
Thursday, May 21, 2020 from 12:00-4:00pm
To hear and examine all complaints in relation to assessments, the Board of Assessment Review will meet on Tuesday May 26, 2020, from 3:00-5:00pm and 7:00-9:00pm via virtual meeting. Meeting link and call-in information will be posted to the City's website and Facebook one week prior to the Board of Assessment Review meeting.
Kingston Farmer's Market Open Tomorrow

Opening day of the  Kingston Farmers Market  is tomorrow! Open from 9am-2pm, the market is in the Ulster County Courthouse parking lot to allow for social distancing. Visit to make an appointment. 

Kingston 311
The  Kingston 311 app, website and phone  system allow residents to quickly and easily report issues and submit service requests. The Kingston 311  app, available for  Android  &  iPhones , is a fast and simple way to connect to City officials in non-emergency situations. 

This system is a valuable resource to submit service requests for streetlight replacement, roadwork, City signage, traffic calming measures and other concerns. Issues with snow removal and reporting of vehicles and sidewalks not in accordance with the Snow Emergency restrictions can also be submitted via Kingston 311.  Photos can also be attached to illustrate service orders. Dial 311 from any phone within City limits to reach us. 
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