Presbytery of the Miami Valley

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March 13, 2020
Presbytery of the Miami Valley,
As we continue to monitor the Covid-19 (Coronavirus), let us hold one another in prayer as we discern how to be the people of God during a pandemic. This is a very strange time. The amount of information coming, and the rapidly changing circumstances can be overwhelming and fear producing. It is good to remember Jesus' invitation to come to him when we are weary and feeling burdened.
Around the presbytery some sessions have decided to suspend worship for this Sunday and a few Sundays to follow. Some sessions have decided to hold services with a plan for decreasing close contact between members. I know that each decision has been made after much prayer and robust conversation. The Presbyterian Outlook has published an article with a statement by the Stated Clerk of the PC(UCA) and other helpful information.
Presbytery staff remain in contact with one another to determine next steps for meetings and gatherings. According to the presbytery pandemic action plan, we are now in Level 2: Limiting. On Monday, March 16, we will communicate updated information about scheduled meetings and gatherings.
I  would like to collect resources and best practices from around the presbytery. If you have developed worship or devotional materials for home use, have the ability to live stream worship services, or developed creative ways to minister and stay connected as a faith community, please email this information to me at [email protected] . I would like to share resources across the presbytery so we can support one another through this challenging time.
As we continue to live into these days when the virus is rapidly spreading, I encourage each of you to take care of yourselves. Tend to your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. This is a stress-filled time.
Remember to take care of one another. Each face to face visit you planned to make could become a phone call, text, or email. When you make a trip to the store for essentials, is there a high-risk neighbor who could use something? Is there a way to provide relief to those whose lives are severely disrupted by this virus? How can your congregation respond to needs that have emerged throughout your community?
God, who is our refuge and strength, a very present help in all times is with us. I am confident that the good gifts God has spread throughout the Presbytery of the Miami Valley will be able to accomplish far more than we could have ever imagined. I thank God for your presence and witness to God's grace and mercy. As you continue to be the people of God in this time of pandemic, know that you are held in my prayers and never far from my thoughts.
Grace and Peace,
Terry Kukuk, Executive Presbyter
Presbytery of the Miami Valley