A Covid-19 response
What can you do during this crisis? For many Americans that means staying at home and social distancing. For SelecTech, it means getting the word out to companies who are part of the COVID-19 response that we have a flooring solution that works very well for the temporary testing clinics and hospitals that are popping up.

Our StaticStop ESD flooring products also work well for manufacturers producing such things as ventilators and other testing equipment needed for the COVID-19 crisis.

The appeal of our flooring is certainly understandable. SelecTech flooring solutions can be installed on top of most surfaces with little or no floor prep. Another key benefit is the tiles can be cleaned and reused after the temporary need is over, making them the most sustainable option.

If there is no need for the tiles after the temporary need is over, the tiles can be recycled. SelecTech offers a Takeback Program where once you’re done with the tiles, we will buy it back from you to recycle into new tiles. By forgoing the use of glues and harsh solvents, it’s even easier to give our materials a new life.

If your company has a need during this time, please feel free to give us a call at 508-583-3200 or drop a line .
FDA requirements for flooring
The response to the COVID-19 crisis has led the creation of temporary facilities to take the burden off hospitals. SelecTech, Inc., a leader in the manufacture of innovative flooring products, recently announced its StaticStop and FreeStyle products meet the FDA requirements for flooring used for temporary labs and clinics.

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