AUGUST 6, 2020
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Each week we will send news you need to know about the COVID crisis that will help put us on the road to recovery. We will also give you a glimpse of how our creative colleagues from across the state are using their talent to bring us all closer together! Read on for more.

As a reminder there are BIG changes coming to the newsletter this month. In an effort to live our values and support equity and inclusion in the creative industries, we will use our newsletter to amplify voices of BIPOC creatives. Each month we will invite a guest curator who is a person of color and ask that they populate the newsletter with information and inspiration that reflects their perspective and their community. Our first curated newsletter will hit your inbox August 20th.

This week we investigate creatives working from home. Sometimes the most inspiring place is as close as your home workspace.
State to release millions to expand broadband. The Washington State Public Works Board is accepting applications for grants and loans to expand broadband service throughout the state. The board, which oversees infrastructure projects around the state, will distribute about $9.1 million in low-interest loans and $8.6 million in grants. Applications are accepted through September 9.

Join Washington Filmworks on Friday, August 7 at 11:30 am for our Safety on Set Conversation with Entertainment Union Partners Melissa Purcell (IATSE Local 488 Northern Business Agent) and Chris Comte (Seattle Local Senior Business Representative for SAG-AFTRA.) We will talk about the safety guidelines outlined in the The White Paper and The Safe Way Forward documents and also discuss the production agreements that are currently being negotiated at the national level. Bring any questions you might have and RSVP HERE!

We have extended the deadline for the Social Safety Net Survey until Sunday August 9th! If you haven't filled it out, now is the time. Take the survey here.

In case you haven't already mastered it, here are 6 Tips to Work from Home Successfully During Lockdown 

Make the most of your time in quarantine! Read Creativity and the Arts: A Guide to Work from Home Careers
Working from home with Washington Creatives
A look at Karen Mobley's studio
We asked some Washington creatives about how they draw inspiration and creativity from their at-home-work spaces during quarantine. Check out their answers, and some photos of their creative spaces below!
When I'm not creating large complex immersive multimedia installation sculptures, I'm down in the basement studio I built in our house when we moved to the South Park neighborhood (in Seattle). I also have access to an enormous workspace in Renton, though the pandemic has interrupted that. Surrounded by decades of inspiration, brick-a-brack and memories, my wee studio is a pleasant environment to create my miniature artworks. And I can visit my two cats, Inkus and Zardoz, for a needed purr or lap cuddle. My artwork and projects can be found on my site.
Artist, Writer and Art Consultant on Facebook & Instagram
I work from home but do not work alone. I work about half-time doing art consulting, editing, and writing and half-time on visual art projects including making art, selling my paintings, and teaching art classes. The “Stay at Home” period has been challenging because I usually see clients and teach art workshops and classes from this space. Often I draw upon the natural world and the landscape for inspiration, especially for my paintings. In the Covid-19 shutdown, I have sought imagery in my garden, the birds at the feeders and in the forest behind my house.
Lead Director, Videographer and Editor for UNCODE
I’ve learned a lot about what I need to feel good in a workspace since we’ve been in lockdown, turns out natural light and greenery is it! Of all the corners in our home, this is the one most densely populated with plants, there’s also an unobstructed view of the sky which I love — the clouds are always doing something sweet and inspiring. This is also where I enjoy most of my meals and do my TV watching so it’s quite a versatile, peaceful little spot — thankful for it. Our couch is a key player too, it's the epicenter of our daily grind. Most recently my husband Ali and I produced a screenwriter masterclass panel on it called The Storytellers Toolkit, featuring Numa Perrier and Patrik-Ian Polk, as a part of the Seattle Black Film Festival — super rich convo, a must watch for any local writers for sure.
Need to decorate your home office? Have a look at what Onyx Art Collective has available from Black makers from Washington

Why not freshen up your home workspace with some original furniture pieces designed and built by Washington locals? Here is a list of a few to consider 

We heART commUNITY Fund Drive: Whatcom County arts and culture organizations are teaming up to inspire giving to the arts during COVID closures. They are asking the community to make a $50 donation to at least five organizations, totaling $250 in giving to the arts. When you do they’ll give a very cool and exclusive tote bag, so it's a win-win!
People are getting creative with their work-from-home situations.
Ironing boards make a great standing desk

Fastback made use of their time at home by shooting a new, socially distanced video to commemorate the re-release of their 1993 classic Zücker album. Watch the "All About Nothing in the Time of Pandemic” reboot, shot by Fastback's guitarist and Seattle Filmmaker Lulu Gargiulo
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