June 11, 2020
A Creative Community Newsletter for Information and Inspiration
The sections contained in this week's newsletter are a collection of curated stories, information and resources from the Black community. We stand with Black Americans, communities of color, and oppressed communities around the world against police brutality and systemic racism.
POC Online Classroom is a source curated by and for People of Color. A fantastic database of reading and resources, including articles, essays and poems on everything from identity to organizing to self care with writing by Audre Lorde, Bell Hooks, Angela Davis, Langston Hughes, Marlon James, Angel Nafis and more.
Check out this article from Public Health Seattle and King County which answers questions about safely protesting during COVID-19.
Right now many people are trying to educate themselves about the systemic racism in our country. Here is the #Revolution Reading List from Elizabeth’s Bookshop & Writing Centre , a Black-owned business selling online right now. 
Black Lives Matter presents What Matters, combining documentary narrative with interviews to illuminate specific, timely issues, aiming to create safe dialogue to promote freedom, justice, and collective liberation.
1619 is a podcast from The New York Times, hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones , that examines the long shadow of American slavery.
United States of Anxiety f rom WNYC, hosted by Kai Wright , goes back to the Civil War to explain why we still haven't arrived at a racially just democracy despite centuries of struggle by Black citizens. Recent episodes have also tackled why COVID-19 is killing more Black people and how the virus is affecting prisoners. 
You can find Feedspot’s list of 10 Black History podcasts here .
Black Lives Matter offers videos featuring activists and leaders from the Black Lives Matter Global Network community.
CNN and Sesame Street held a Town Hall to help parents explain racism to kids.

If you have the means, a great way to support is by donation. NY Magazine made a list of 115 ways to donate and support the movement across the country , but if you’d like to donate locally, here is a list of places to contribute in Washington State. 

Support small businesses and diverse local communities one purchase at a time with Intentionalist.com ’s search engine.   This link will take you right to Black-Owned Washington businesses

Shop these tees to support Black-led organizations.

Creatives for Black Lives is a p roject where the creative community does pro bono work for organizations working towards racial justice.
Capitol Hill, Seattle. Photo: @joe.nix

Art in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

Huge Black Lives Matter mural in progress on Capitol Hill street.

In London,  Forensic Architecture —a collective known for investigating human rights violations, and who often show their work in art institutions is looking into the murder of a twenty-nine-year-old Black man, Mark Duggan.
Washington Filmworks (WF) is the private 501(c)(6) non-profit organization that manages the Motion Picture Competitiveness program as well as a diversity of resources for the creative industries in Washington State. WF's mission is to create economic development opportunities by building and enhancing the competitiveness, profile and sustainability of Washington State’s film industry.
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