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April 21, 2022

Level up with creative career tips - coupled with a side of inspiration

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Creativity at Work:

Vik Chopra

Co-Founder and Director of Production for Unincarerated Productions, Vik Chopra has always believed in the power of relationship-building, especially in entertainment and production.

Learn how the importance of networking and overall human connection helped Vik Chopra to leverage his business and retain contacts!


How To Guide:

How to Network Without "Networking!"

"If you are Networking!, then you are doing it wrong." Warren Etherege producer, playwright, and self-professed Storyfinder, shares his tips to successfully (and authentically) network in this month's How-To Guide.


Quick Study:

Making Meaningful Connections at Industry Events

Connecting people is one of Andrea Stuart-Lehalle's greatest joys as Festival Director for the Seattle Black Film Festival (SBFF). She shares that "in a lot of ways, we treat the festival like a yearly community networking event." Check out her tips to create impactful connections at industry events.



Hot Spots for Networking in your Community

Networking is a hot topic for a lot of creatives. We invited some industry insiders to share where they go to connect with creatives in their community.  Check it out!

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