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August 26, 2022

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Days are getting shorter and the light is getting longer as we enjoy the last days of summer sunshine. Another epic summer in the books! Inspired by the magic that summer provides, we asked 3 of our creative friends across the state to share a poem, a song and an illustration to remind us that another season of warm weather and summer sunsets isn’t all that far away. Thank you to Megan Charles (Spokane) for your poem, recording artist Cascade Cody (Yakima) for your song, and Kacey Morrow (Bellingham) for your illustration. 

Creativity at Work:

Kacey Morrow

Inspired by the 1993 film “The Sandlot,” Kacey Morrow’s illustration is an opportunity to peer behind the iconic treehouse wall and immerse yourself in the environment and story of the film.

Quick Study:

Working Washington Grants

Washington State gets two thumbs up for making some impressive investments in the statewide creative economy this year including $45M in Working Washington grants to support the arts, heritage and science sectors. The September 9th deadline is right around the corner, so APPLY TODAY!

Creativity at Work:

Cascade Cody

Recording artist Cascade Cody offers up his original song Cherries Grow as a thoughtful reflection on the small agricultural town he grew up in that isn’t necessarily the nostalgic safe haven of paradise he remembers from his youth.

Creativity at Work:

Megan Charles

In her original piece Burning Season, poet Megan Charles considers the wildfires of summer that are sparked by climate changes and asks what can be done, if anything, in response to such crises.

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