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January 20, 2022
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A Lawyer Who Rocks Unlocks the Mysteries of Intellectual Property 
Meet Washington creatives who are leading the way

Joleen Winther Hughes founder and fearless leader of Hughes Media Law Group uses her legal expertise, experiences with the entertainment industry, and life as a serial entrepreneur to answer your burning questions about Intellectual Property -- why it's important and the simple steps to take to prepare yourself for your inevitable brilliance.
Intellectual Property And Copyright Cliff Notes

IP is complex—but super relevant to creatives and 'idea' people in particular. So we’re giving you the ‘cliff notes’ on some IP concepts to get cozy with, as well as highlighting what is considered ‘fair use.’ We also share some ways you can protect your own intellectual property, from idea to product.
3 Copyright-Free Or Friendly Stock Image Sites That Focus On Representation

Representation matters. Here are three image collections that focus on BIPOC, gender fluid, and body-positive representations to use in your own creative work.
Copyright Infringement. Attribution. Fair use.

Don’t be intimidated by all the $5 lawyer words. Your creative ideas are worth so much more! Here’s the rundown on a few terms you need to know when dealing with all things intellectual property.