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June 30, 2022

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Creativity at Work:

Shannon Halberstadt

Shannon Halberstadt is the new Creative Economy Sector Lead at the Department of Commerce.  Shannon has a long history of supporting the for profit and nonprofit sides of the creative economy, making her perfectly positioned to shape the future of Washington’s creative economy. 

Executive Director Amy Lillard sat down with Shannon this month to talk about her new role, why she thinks it’s important to support creativity and what she will be working on over the next 12 months. 

Quick Study:

Get to know the Orgs that support Washington's Creative Economy

This month Whispmart invited Statewide organizations:

to share a little about themselves and why they think it's important to support Washington State's creative economy.

How To Guide:

Creatives Academy

Washington State gets two thumbs up for making some impressive investments in the statewide creative economy this year.  More dollars to support the film industry$45M in Working Washington grants And time, energy and effort put into the launch of Creatives Academy, a cool new tool at the Department of Commerce that helps you turn your passion into a livelihood! Check it out and get some tips and tricks on marketing, pricing, pitching and more!

Cheat Sheet:

Wonder what a Shunpike is? Getting your Artist Trust confused with your ArtsWA and your InspireWA?

Whipsmart is here to help demystify the different statewide organizations helping Washington's creative entrepreneurs.

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