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March 24, 2022
Level up with creative career tips - coupled with a side of inspiration
Freelance Writer - Nicole Kidder

“Once I switched my focus to targeted pitching, networking within my niche and reaching out to people who already trusted my work, the project load became steadier and the pay rates increased.”

Learn how writer Nicole Kidder leveraged her journalism experience to build a freelance career, what to include in a creative portfolio, how to (tactfully) raise your rates, and more.
How to Read (and Write) a Contract:
A Guide for Freelance Independent Contractors 

Before you sign on the dotted line, get cozy with some of the legal terms and clauses you’ll be seeing in a typical contract for freelance independent contractors. And protect yourself and your creative work by writing your own! Our How-To guide covers it all.
3 Easy Tips for a Stress-Free Professional Bio

Dreading the thought of writing your own bio? It doesn’t have to be painful. Check out these crucial tips for owning your professional narrative, along with examples from other Washington state creatives that will inspire you!
Scope Creep, Kill Fee, Net 30

Contract jargon may in fact be the worst kind of jargon. Filled with legal language and confusing formality, a contract is usually the last thing you want to read before embarking on a creative project. But brush up on these words and it will help make writing or reviewing your contract a breeze!