A Creative Industries Newsletter

May 26, 2022

Level up with creative career tips - coupled with a side of inspiration


Creativity at Work:

Richard Compson Sater

A retired veteran, holder of three advanced degrees, a published novelist and an out and about gay man, Seattle based Richard Compson Sater’s personal history lends itself to incredible storytelling. We connected with Richard recently to learn more about how he uses his lived experiences to inspire not only his award-winning screenplays but also his pitch! 


How To Guide:

How to Master

the Art of the Pitch

This month Whispmart mixes it up and launches our first How To Video featuring Film Festival Strategist Kathleen McInnis. 

Whipsmart talks to McInnis about how she helps creative entrepreneurs craft their pitch so that they can find their niche in the marketplace in authentic and meaningful ways. 


Quick Study:

Perfecting Your Pitch

The idea is simple and incredibly intimidating—you have thirty seconds to introduce yourself and talk about yourself to someone, ideally someone who is a Big Deal and can help you. Not scary at all!


Level Up:

Power of the Pitch

Elizabeth Scallon is a scientist, mentor and award-winning start-up and innovation ecosystem builder who connects great ideas to capital. Elizabeth serves as the Board Chair and Co-Founder of Find Ventures, a new accelerator prioritizing Washington state entrepreneurs from underserved and historically marginalized communities. She’s pretty much a bad *ss and was kind enough to share her perspective on the “do’s” and “do-nots” of pitching.

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