A Creative Industries Newsletter
May 6, 2021
Level up with creative career tips - coupled with a side of inspiration
Creativity At Work:
Aramis Hamer (she/her) Painter
Meet Washington creatives who are leading the way

By sharing her artistic journey with her fans on YouTube, Aramis Hamer funds her creative career—and empowers others to do the same. And check out these other Instagram artists she finds inspiration from here.
Cheat Sheet:
Income and Expenses Tracking Sheet for Creatives

Start simple and track your income and expenses on this easy-peasy spreadsheet– just list the income and expenses separately and add them up to see if you're making money for profit (or not)!
Quick Study:
Got 5 minutes?

As if running your own business wasn’t enough, oftentimes small businesses and freelancers find themselves having to be their own finance manager as well. Check out four money-managing apps are all easy to use, save time, and even money.
Jargon Buster:
Gross Revenue: Not as Gross as it Sounds

It's easy to get income and profit confused, especially when the dollars start rolling in. But they're two different things. Let our glossary help you understand gross & net revenue, and check out the link to our list of business deductions you can use when paying taxes.
Next: Reese Tanimura Curates

Reese Tanimura's (she/her) path to music began with a ukulele. Since then she’s been deeply involved in the Seattle music scene. She's played in more bands and ensembles than you can count, been a DJ for KBCS, served as a mentor at Rain City Rock camp, and continues to be the rock star Managing Director of Northwest Folklife. Grab some headphones because Reese will guest curate our next issue.