A Creative Industries Newsletter
May 20, 2021
Level up with creative career tips - coupled with a side of inspiration
To promote equity and inclusion in the creative industries, we use our newsletter each month to amplify the voices of BIPOC creatives in Washington State. We hand over the newsletter and invite a creative of color to populate it with information and inspiration that reflects their perspective and their community.
Meet Guest Curator:
Reese Tanimura (she/her)

As Managing Director of the Northwest Folklife Festival (and a lifelong musician), Reese Tanimura advocates for the creative community—and shows us how we can, too. Read about it here.
Level up:
3 Ways Musicians Can Level Up Their Creative Career

Musicians, here are three ways to level up your creative career so you’re more than ready to be back on the scene when live music comes back (soon!).
My Creative Community:
Ben Hunter (he/him)

Guest curator Reese Tanimura interviews musician Ben Hunter about his creative journey from pre-med to professional fiddler and blues songster.
Need a break from your screen? Start fiddling around and check out Reese Tanimura’s recommendations for who to listen to at this year’s Northwest Folklife Festival which runs May 28-31. That's next weekend!