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February 11, 2021
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Creativity At Work: eTc Tacoma
Meet Washington creatives who are leading the way

Umi Wagoner and Perris Wright co-founded the streetwear company eTc in Tacoma almost 10 years ago. Check out the eTc goods. And go to our blog to learn how a focus on community made their business thrive.
How To:
Caring for Yourself While Working as a BIPOC Creative
Easy-to-understand guides written by experts in their field

If you experience the world as a BIPOC creative, arts leader and Racial equity practitioner, Leilani Lewis has some back-to-basics tips for taking care of yourself and protecting your work.
Quick Study:
Got 5 minutes?

Learn how to
Jargon Buster:
Heard the word but afraid to ask? We got you.

Check out our glossary that includes racial equity words like BIPOC and Ghettoising.
Next: Jamika Scott Curates
Jamika Scott is a writer, filmmaker, and advocate born and based in Tacoma. She aspires to radically open minds, eyes, and hearts by inspiring authentic conversation and equitable action with her creative work. Get her POV on February 25.