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April 8, 2021
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Creativity At Work:
Jeff Ostenson of North 40 Productions
Meet Washington creatives who are leading the way

Doc filmmaker Jeff Ostenson of North 40 Productions on making stories pop, finding new clients, and growing a creative community through coworking in Wenatchee. Read on here.
How To:
The Headache-Free Guide on How to Pay Taxes as a Self-Employed Creative
Easy-to-understand guides written by experts in their field

Diane Buxton, CPA, has written a “quick and dirty” guide to what self-employed creatives need to know about tax filing— how to get organized, track expenses, max out deductions and get to know your new besties, the W-9 and the 1099.
Quick Study:
Got 5 minutes?

Before you go full-freelance without knowing the basics and end up having to pay rent on your credit card, check out these four crucial steps you should take as a freelancer to manage your finances.
Cheat Sheet:
Worker Classification is a Clusterf*ck

Words matter. Especially when it comes to your taxes. Learn why classification is important and check out this cheat sheet infographic with pretty pictures about worker classification.

Next: Emily Washines Curates

Emily Washines (she/her) is an enrolled Yakama with Cree and Skokomish lineage. She uses creativity—art, films, and writing for her blog, Native Friends—to help build understanding and support for Native American language and culture. Her research topics include the Yakama War, women’s rights, traditional knowledge, and fishing rights.